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  • Which tablet is better- Mi Pad vs Google Nexus 9 vs iPad Mini

    Confused about selecting between Mi Pad, Google Nexus 9 & iPad Mini? From this Ask Expert page you will get expert comparisons and reviews of all 3 PC tablets.

    I am planning to buy a mid budget tablet. I have narrowed my choice to Mi Pad, Google Nexus 9 & iPad Mini. Please give me detailed comparison between all the three in terms of features, specifications and price. Which will be a good buy?
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  • A brief comparison between the three devices mentioned is as follows -
    iPad Mini 3 and MiPad are sized almost similar at the physical dimensions of a little difference. NEXUS 9 is the biggest of the lot.

    All the three devices have the same resolution of 1536x2048. Nexus 9 has the largest display at 8.9 inches while the other two share a size of 7.9 inches. In terms of pixel density the Nexus lags behind with 281 ppi while iPad and MiPad have a pixel density of 324 ppi.

    Nexus 9 and MiPad are powered by NVidia Tegra K1 processor. However Nexus uses a quadcore unit while MiPad employs a dual core variant. Both of these have 2 GB RAM. iPad on the other hand is powered by in house 1.3 GHZ A7 processor and an on board RAM of 1 GB.

    The MiPad is available only in a single memory variant in 16 GB . However it is also the only Tab to offer expandable memory slot with support up to 128 GB. Nexus 9 is available in 16 & 32 GB variants while the iPad comes in 16, 64and 128 GB variants.

    The MiPad and Nexus 9 have 8 MP rear camera while the iPad has a 5 MP rear camera. Even in terms of the front camera, MiPad excels with a 5 MP snapper. Nexus carries a 1.6 MP front camera while that on iPad is 1.2 MP. However, the camera quality has been observed to be better in iPad.

    The battery capacity is almost similar across the three devices. MiPad and iPad have a battery capacity of 6700 mAh and the Nexus has a battery if 6470 mAh. MiPad is found to offer a 10 hours battery backup while iPad gives around 11 hours. Nexus has a slightly lower battery backup.

    Given the importance on the price point in Indian markets, MiPad has the strongest plus point in its favour. While the iPad and Nexus 9 are priced at around Rs. 30000, the MiPad comes with price tag of Rs.12999.

    What would I go for?
    Well, in spite of the big spec sheet and an impressive price tag, MiPad seems to suffer from a few compatibility issues. Several Indian apps like TOI do not seem to work on it. Even the performance stated to be not so smooth. As for other two devices , the biggest deciding point would be the OS you are comfortable with. The iPad runs on iOS 8.2 and Nexus will give you a pure stock android experience. The price being almost equivalent, the final decision will rest with the operating system you are comfortable with.

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  • Google nexus 9 is best as compare to Mi and ipad as Nexus device comes with the stock android and android OS is open sources as compare to ios.We all know iOS is close source.I always prefer open sources as compare to close shold go with NeXus 9.

  • Go for iPad Mini without even thinking. It is the tab among all the three but you can also consider to go for MiPad. Hence Xiaomi is coming up with very good products nowadays. MiPad comes with Nvidia Tegra Processor which is specialized for tablet gaming.

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  • Here you can get the best comparison between Mi Pad, Google Nexus 9 and iPad Mini. I have listed them along with their features and specifications. Keep reading to find out the best among them.

    Mi Pad vs Google Nexus 9 vs iPad Mini

    iPad Mini 3 and Nexus 9 are priced very closely at Rs. 30K. And the Xiaomi Mi Pad comes at the price tag of like half of that of those two. You can buy the Xiaomi Mi Pad at the price tag of Rs. 12,999.

    The iPad Mini 3 and Nexus 9 are again similar in the size as they both cuts their edges at the dimensions of 200 × 134.7 × 7.5 mm and 202 × 135.4 × 8.5 mm respectively. And the Nexus 9's physical dimensions are 228.2 × 153.7 x 8 mm.

    All the three devices supports the HD resolutions of 1536 × 2048 pixels and come with an aspect ratio of 4:3. When it comes to the screen size, the Nexus 9 comes with the largest screen size of 8.9-inches. While the iPad and the Mi Pad both feature a 7.9-inches display. The iPad and Mi Pad supports 324 PPI whereas Nexus 9 comes with a 281 PPI pixel density.

    Nexus 9 and the Mi Pad both are powered by the powerful Nvidia's Tegra K1 processor and a Quad-core chipset. Both the processors come paired with 2 GB of RAM. Whereas iPad mini 3 is powered by the 1.3GHz A7, Dual-core processor which is paired with 1 GB of RAM.

    Mi Pad comes loaded with the storage space of 16 GB. But it is mostly famous for its maximum external storage space of an incredible 128 GB. The Nexus 9 is available in the 16 GB and 32 GB variants. Whereas the iPad mini 3 is available in three variants which are 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB.

    The Mi Pad and the Nexus 9, both feature an 8 MP snapper at the rear. Whereas the iPad Mini 3 has a 5 MP rear camera. For the front cameras, Mi Pad comes packed with a 5 MP shooter which is followed by a 1.6 MP shooter on the Nexus 9 and a 1.2 MP shooter on the iPad.

    Xiaomi Mi Pad runs on Android 4.4.2 KitKat, Google Nexus 9 on Android 5.0 Lollipop and Apple iPad mini 3 on iOS 8.2.

    Xiaomi Mi Pad is powered by a 6,700 mAh battery, Google Nexus 9 also comes with 6,700 mAh battery whereas Apple iPad mini 3 is embedded with 6,470 mAh one.

    Xiaomi Mi Pad weighs around 360 grams, Google Nexus 9 measures its weight around 425 grams and the Apple iPad mini 3 comes with the weight of 331 grams.
    So, Google Nexus 9 is a lot more heavier here.

    All the three devices are good as per their features and specifications. Its difficult to select out the best from them but I would select the Apple iPad mini 3 as the best among those three.


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