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  • Shareit apps: pros and cons for sharing files and folders

    Want to know if there is any smart phone app for sharing files & folders which is better than Shareit app? Find out from the expert responses at this page.

    There are many apps available for Smartphones, one of which is Shareit app for sharing the files and folders. Is there any app which is better than Share-It? Kindly advice.
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  • There are a multitude of apps available for sharing apps and files. Share-It is one of them.
    As for the pros and cons of file sharing, it is not completely illegal unless you are infringing the copyright laws. Colleagues and classmates can benefit from sharing project files they are working together.
    Only con that is associated with file sharing is when the file concerned has been downloaded from an untrusted source. It carries a risk of infecting your device with virus or malware.

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  • Zapya application is better then shareIT application .Given below is the steps to use zapya:

    First, install the app on both devices, following the links given above.

    Ensure that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

    Once the app has installed, launch it on both devices. On the Android device, tap Create Group.

    Now, tap the menu (three horizontal lines) button in the top right, and tap on Connect to iOS Device. You'll see the name of the network and the host device there.

    On the iOS device, you will first connect to the Wi-Fi network listed in Step 3, and then launch the Zapya app. Choose Search and join in the pop-up menu, and tap on the device name listed on the Android app.

  • Firstly, let me tell you that Shareit app is one of the best apps to share files and folders. It can help you transfer very large size files in very less time as in comparison with the time taken to send those files and folders via Bluetooth. I was also using Shareit app in my smartphone but then I came to know about "Xender" which I found better than Shareit. So I started using Xender on my smartphone. It helps me to transfer large size files in very less time. So much time is saved. And it is very helpful. Xender is also crowned as one of the best apps for sharing files and folders.


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  • Pros :
    1. We can transfer large files between two devices.

    2. The speed of file sharing via ShareIt is lot faster than normanl Bluetooth file sharing.

    3. User-interface is very clean.

    4. No need for an internet connection to use this app.

    Cons :
    1. It may hang low memory devices.

    2. There are some bugs in this app.

    Similar Apps : Xender and Zapya are very identical to SharIt. All of these apps works on the same principle of file sharing. You can use any of them for the said purpose.

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