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    How to protect Google accounts with a USB security key

    Read this thread to know how you can protect your Google accounts with a USB security key.

    I recently came to know about protecting our Google accounts with a USB security key but I have no complete details on this to go through. Thus, I would like to know from the techies the step by step guideline on protecting our Google accounts with a USB security key.
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  • USB key - is in fact, a kind of 2 factor authentication procedure to protect your online accounts. Here is how you can -

    1. Get yourself a USB security hardware. Make sure you are opting for a branded and well known brand.

    2. Associate your Google accounts with the hardware. To do this, go to . Click on 2 factor authentication
    (Or 2 step verification).

    3. Click on Security Keys tab.

    4. Click on Register Device and insert your hardware into the USB slot.

    5. Your device will be associated with your accounts now.

    Whenever you try to login to your Google accounts, on any PC, laptop or any other device- you will need to insert the hardware into the USB slot and done, you are logged in without the need to enter the security codes.

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  • Here are the step by step method to protect Google accounts with a USB security key. Keep reading to know that and also make sure to follow each and every step very carefully.

    How to register USB security keys

    1. Go to "" and then click on to the 2 step verification.
    2. Then you need to switch to the 2 step verification process to the security key tab.
    3. Now you need to click onto the option "Register Device" and then you need to insert the USB key into your PC so as to attach it later to your account.
    4. After when the USB key registration gets completed you can use that key to login to your Google account.

    How to use USB security keys

    1. Open the Google's account login webpage.
    2. Enter your login details which are username and password and then click to the login option.
    3. After when you click on the Sign in option you will need to insert the key into your PC.
    4. The lights on the USB key will blink, you will need to tap it once and then it will instantly log you to your account.

    You can also watch the video to make it simple from the link given below.



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  • Follow these steps :

    1. Firstly, you need to buy a USB security key. You can buy the 'FIDO U2F Security Key' from Amazon for $17.99.

    2. Then, goto

    3. Click on the 2-step Verification tab and then on the Security Keys tab.

    4. Now, insert the USB Security Key into your PC and click on the Register Device button.

    5. That's it. Now, you can use this device for logging into your Gmail account.

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