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  • Is there any heat issue with Meizu M1 Note ?

    Want to know whether Meizu M1 Note has any heating issue. Read the full details of Meizu M1 and get to know if there is any heat issue with it.

    Meizu has launched the M1 Note in India at Rs 11,999, exclusively on Amazon. It comes powered by a MediaTek MT6752 SoC with an octa-core Cortex A53 cores along with 2GB of RAM. But nowadays the main issue is heating problem. When you multitask or play any hardcore game, the mobile heats up. So is there any heat issue with Meizu M1 Note ?
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  • The MEIZU m1 note is made from a single piece of heat resistant and age resistant polycarbonate so there is no chance of any heat issue in Meizu M1 smartphone. However some user is facing the heat issue at the time of surfing web.

  • Heat issues with the Meizu M1 Note is like a impossible thing. As it is made with a single piece of a heat resistant and the age resistant polycarbonate. But still some of the users are facing heating issues with this Meizu M1 Note when they:-

    1. Surfing on Web
    2. Playing high graphic demanding games
    3. Using too many applications with very low storage space

    These were some of the issues I found on Web.


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  • The specification sheet of the device states that the phone is made from heat resistant material. One may think that the device will not heat up because of this reason. But, the phone has Mediatek MT6752 chipset. It has been observed that MediaTek processor tends to struggle with heavy and resource intensive apps. Basically, it is because of the processor that the phones get heated up. Reports from review sites have been stating that the phone suffers from heat issues. So, you may expect the phone to heat up .

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  • Manufacturer of Meizu M1 Note claims that it is made up of heat resistant material namely polycarbonate. Therefore, it is very unlikely that this smartphone will heat up.

    However, some users have reported heat issues due to its processor and chipset. Playing heavy games, surfing web continuously and multitasking can cause heat up issues in Meizu M1 Note.

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