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  • What are the documents required to sell products on Snapdeal?

    Eager to sell your products on the Snapdeal shopping portal? Get first hand guidance on the requisite documents needed to sell products on e-commerce site Snapdeal.

    One of my friends has a small local business and he wants to sell his products online on Snapdeal. I would like to know what documents and licences are required for the same. Please guide me.
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  • You can easily list yourself as a seller on SnapDeal if you are an authorised dealer, distributor, manufacturer or wholesaler registered in India. Please note that you can sell only genuine and new items. Here is the list of documents you need to have to get yourself registered as a seller on SnapDeal.

    1. Scanned copy of PAN card.

    2. Scanned copy of cancelled cheque.

    3. Billing and dispatch address.

    4. TIN/VAT/CCTV No. and other such legal documents related to taxation.

    5. Two email IDs - primary and secondary.

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  • According to ZEPPO, you need PAN card, company named VAT/TIN, Company registration xerox copy, and address proof. If you go through ZEPO then you can submit these document once and able to sell your product on Snapdeal, flipkart, amazon india, shopclues and few other sites. This way you save up on trying to get approval with documentation hassles on your side. I think this method is much better than single joining place. Ebay and Snapdeal is a good place to start your store.

  • Before you begin to sell anything on SnapDeal, the business should first become a SnapDeal seller by completing the registration process on it and submitting few of the required documents. And the same process is very easy for an eastiblished business which proposes to sell anything on SnapDeal.

    Some of the documents required for selling anything on SnapDeal are given below. Keep reading to know those.

    1. Business registration
    It may not be required for the established businesses on SnapDeal. PAN Card, TIN registration and a bank account as the business is required for completing the Snapdeal sellers registration process. So all you need is just:-

    1. Pan Card Copy (Payment Account Number)

    2. TIN Registration

    3. A Bank Account

    For first, PAN Card copy must be submitted showing of the businesses during the process to register on SnapDeal as a seller.

    For second, TIN registration is well known as "VAT Registration or Sales Tax Registration". It is also one of the document needed for registering on SnapDeal as a seller. However you can even register without it but then you will only be able to sell handicrafts, online education, books or unstitched fabrics.

    For third, you just need a bank account in the name of the buisness. And a copy of a cancelled cheque is required to be submitted to the Snapdeal during the registration process to be a seller on SnapDeal.

    So these were the details you need to be aware to be a seller on SnapDeal.


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  • These documents are required to start a shop on SnapDeal :

    1. A copy of you PAN card.

    2. A copy of a cancelled check.

    3. Billing and Dispatch Address.

    4. TIN/VAT/CST number.

    5. Two different email addresses. One for the primary purpose and other for the secondary purpose.

    6. A Bank Account.

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