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  • How to edit a review at TripAdvisor?

    Have you submitted a review at TripAdvisor? Want to edit it? Read this thread to know how you can do it.

    I recently submitted my first review at TripAdvisor. Can I edit it to make changes or add something more to the review? If it is allowed, how to do so? There does not seem to be any edit button to make changes to an already submitted review.
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  • Once you have submitted your review at TripAdvisor, you cannot edit it. Either you can leave it as it is or you can request TripAdvisor staff to remove it. After that, you can submit a new review with updated information.

  • If you want to edit your review at TripAdvisor, you can't find a straight way for it. You can't edit it from any option. You can just request the TripAdvisor staff to remove your review from there and then you can submit the new one with the changes. And if you haven't saved the information for your new review on your OS, then make sure to do that first.


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