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  • How to prevent cursor from hanging and what causes it?

    Does the mouse cursor on your screen hang while browsing? Read this thread to know the exact cause of this problem and the best solutions for it.

    A couple of days ago, the cursor hung while working on my laptop. It was very annoying as I was unable to close any window and just could not work at all, eventually having to simply switch off the laptop directly with the power button and restart it again after a while. I want to know:
    1. What causes the cursor to hang?
    2. How to prevent it in the first place?

    Related to this issue, I also need guidance on How to work without a cursor.
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  • Do you mean cursor or mouse pointer? If it is the cursor, then in what software/application you are working on when the cursor hangs?

    If the laptop hangs frequently, while working on some specific software. Then those software may using the CPU more than allowable. It may be also because of any other background software/processes that may be eating up your processor speed. It may be because you may have recently installed some software which my be not compatible or have virus infection.

    Please input some system information and the software you are using to get much assistance. Please also input the software you have recently installed on your laptop.
    Thank You!

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  • Cursor hangs for multiple reasons. One reason insufficient memory in your OS. Another reason, USB plug or input is having issues. One issue that I have noticed is the corrupt driver. Most of the time if you also have OS corruption then also such errors happen and in turn makes it harder for you to prevent hanging. I suggest checking if you have driver or USB issues. If that is cleared then also check if your system is not having some memory or corruption problems.

  • The cursor mostly hangs due to two reasons:-

    1. Loosely attached
    2. Less memory in the OS

    But the most common reason for this is the less memory on your OS. If that so then you must increase the memory of your OS. I guess that will surely fix up your problem. But before that you must check if its tightly attached to the OS.


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  • Cursor can hang for multitude of reasons. You will need to check for the exact reasons by analysing the issues one by one -

    1. Check If the port to which the mouse has been connected has developed any glitch. Removing the connected cable and cleaning a bit can help. Check it by connecting to the other port if available.

    2. If the OS has low memory, it can cause the cursor to hang. Check your virtual memory. Delete the unwanted files or apps and check if it works now.

    3. Corrupted driver files might be causing the issues. Try updating the drivers. You can either try the CD that came with the mouse, or use search online for better driver.

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  • Software/Driver issue : There might be a chance that you are using wrong or out-dated device drivers. So, I suggest you to install the latest drivers in your laptop. If you don't know the appropriate drivers for your device, the you can use SAMDrivers Pack. It can automatically detect and install the right drivers in any laptop/PC.

    Hardware issue : Generally, such hardware issues are caused by moisture. So, try to gently rub the mouse pad of your laptop with your finger until it heats up a little bit. I have solved the same problem in my laptop with this trick. However, if the problem still persists, then you should consult a computer expert without waiting anymore.

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