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  • Need to change date and time on every cold startup of PC

    Are you facing some BIOS problems with your PC? Do you get an error on every bootup stating "Press F1 to continue or Press F5 for running Onboard diagnostics"? And are you forced to change Windows date and time every time you start your PC? Then this ask expert thread lists you all the possible solutions to fix these problems.

    I am using Dell Desktop PC with Windows 7 since 4 years. Recently I observe that it keep on asking following errors, "Press F1 to continue or Press F5 for running Onboard diagnostics" After this message, When I press F5, PC restarts and during welcome screen at Desktop, Time and date needs to be changed for every occasion. Please let me know the probable cause and give tips to troubleshoot this problem.
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  • Hi Paresh,

    It's a common probelm for everyone after few years of use of PC, this type of error can happen. It will be mainly because of the battery's condition now. Since, you have said the PC keep asking you to update the time and date, after every startup, I am somewhat sure, it will be the battery which need to be replaced.

    Just follow the below steps to change the CMOS battery of your PC:
    • Buy a CMOS battery, If you don't know how it will look like then just Search "CMOS battery images" on any search engine. It is a small circular battery, like the one used in wrist watches, but bigger than them.

    • It will just cost you around Rs 10 to 20.

    • Remove the case of your PC.

    • Now search for the CMOS Battery slot.

    • Just press the switch to remove the old battery from the slot.

    • Now Unpack the CMOS battery and press into the slot.

    • Now try starting your computer and input the time and date for the first time.

    • Try restarting again and check whether, the problem still exist.

    • If the problem exist, please reply to the thread with error message if any. Thank You!

    Thanks & Regards,
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  • Yes, this kind of problem is mainly due to the battery of your Laptop which has been used for long. You need to get your battery replaced.


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  • Getting your CMOS battery replaced will definitely solve the issue you have been facing. The battery powered CMOS functions even when your PC is shutdown. It keeps track of the some functionalities like keeping the date and time updated. The CMOS keeps a battery powered CMOS MEMORY which has is used to hold date, time and system setup parameters.
    Changing this battery will help you solve the issue.

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  • CMOS battery is the issue most of the time and you have to make sure that you are changing that to new. If the new battery does not solve the issue however then you have to check the possibility of virus. There are some malware which affects at boot level and make such changes. So make sure that you format the disk if you find any such similar scenario. Most likely this scenario seems to be related to the battery. That could be one reason of the changing date. Or just plain virus.

  • Looks like the CMOS battery of your computer has been completely drained. So, follow these steps to solve the problem.

    1. Firstly, you need to buy a new CMOS battery.

    2. Open the case of your CPU.

    3. You will find CMOS battery on the motherboard. Remove it and place the new CMOS battery on its place.

    4. Re-attach the case of your CPU and restart your PC.

    5. That's it.

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