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    Replace HP Pavilion Dv6 3217cl screen with a touchscreen

    Read this thread to know how you can replace screen of HP Pavilion Dv6 laptop with a touchscreen.

    I have a HP Pavilion dv6 3217cl laptop. Anyone knows of any touch screen which I could use with this laptop? It has a touch screen port on the motherboard, so could I use a 15.6'' touchsmart screen? I want to make a tablet out of the old laptop. Please guide me.
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  • A touch screen display of this size would easily cost you between Rs. 10,000 - 20,000. Are you willing to spend this much on your laptop?

  • Hey brother,

    Buying a touch screen would really be very expensive. And for the model you specified, you will have to spend nearly Rs 20,000 to get a proper touch screen. So, its not the best part to simply remove the old screen and then replace it with a touch screen.

    What you can do in such a case is either buy a touchscreen overlay or Portronics Handmate pen. Let me explain you this in details. touchscreen overlays are used to convert a non touch screen to a touch one by simply putting these overlays over your existing screen. And hence this method doesn't force you to completely remove your old screen. Once you perfectly blend the overlay on the screen and configure its several connectors (read the manual which comes with it to know how to put it to use), you would be able to use it as a touchscreen. Such a setup would cost you around Rs 8,000 and it would take a lot more time to find the exact one for your device. But you can contact the HP service to know the best official overlay for your model. So all in all, its a better option than opting for a completely new touch screen.

    Now, the second and the most cheapest way to convert your laptop's non-touchscreen to a touch one is to buy a "Portronics Handmate pen". This one is the best way to convert to touchscreen. To know its complete details, I recommend you to watch this video which will help you a lot to set up this device much easily.

    You can buy this awesome device for around Rs 4,000 only.

    Here are the links to buy -
    Portronics Handmate pen:

    Handmate POR 052:

    Hope I helped you !


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  • I do not think it will be a feasible idea. Though I am sure that you are trying or thinking of doing it out of your being a technology geek, it would be economically a wasted investment. As the touchscreen of the size you want will not be available for anything less than Rs 15000 ( it could cost even more than that) , don't you think it would be better to leave this idea?

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