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  • How does the rice cooker work?

    Check out the working principle of an electric rice cooker. Our experts precisely list you all the steps involved in the working of an electric rice cooker.

    I would like to know about the electric rice cooker. How does it work? What principle does it use? Please guide.
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  • This is a how the rice cooker works in a simplified language -
    Once the rice and water are placed in the basin, the cooker is switched on after placing the basin into the container. The heating element in the container makes the water to boil and the rice absorbs the boiling water. The steam is locked by the outer lid from escaping out.
    The water can be heated upto 100 degree celsius and as long as liquid water is present in the container, it continues to absorb heat while rice will not. Once the all the water is absorbed by rice and no water is left inside, rice begins to heat up. The thermal sensor in the cooker monitors the temperature in the container and when it senses the temperature going beyond 100 degree celsius (which is an indication of all water being absorbed), it automatically shuts off heating mechanism. Thus further cooking is stopped and rice is done.

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  • This how a rice cooker works:

    Rice cooker uses a thermocouple power which senses temp in its inner pot and switch on the heating element for the boiling and when the inner pot is above the heating temp it automatically switches off the heating element. Moreover, it doesn't takes much time to boil the rice. The boiling is also dependent on the type and quality of the heating element. If the heating element is cheap than the cooker take more time to boil the rice or it will last no longer.

  • The given details will guide you on how an electric rice cooker works. Keep reading to know the step by step procedure of the working of a rice-cooker.

    1. First the rice along with the water are put in the cooker.
    2. Then the cooker is switched on and the water starts boiling after few minutes because the heating element in the rice cooker starts its work.
    3. Then the water is absorbed by the rice.
    4. Now the water gets completely absorbed by the rice, and now the rice starts heating up.
    5. The thermal sensor, present in the cooker maintains the temperature and after sometime the rice will be prepared with your electric rice cooker.

    These were the simplest steps guiding you on how the rice cooker works.


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