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    How do sites like Quikr make money?

    Are you eager to know how Quikr and other classified sites make money online? Then stop by and have a look at what our experts say.

    Quikr is an online classified site which allows people to post free classified sites. I would like to know how such sites like Quikr make money. What's their source of income? Please guide.
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  • The major earning that the sites like Quickr and OLX gain is in the form of advertising revenue. There are two basic ways that these websites make money -
    1. Throrugh the online ads placed along with the classifieds submitted by the members. The unique ad banners and ads from third party bring enough revenue to the site because of the higher traffic these sites gain.

    2. These sites also let you place your ads as premium which means you pay a price for the ads placed by you. In return, they will give enough promotion for your ad.

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  • According to me the main source for Quikr to make money is through the ads displayed on it. The clicks on every ads pay the site well by Google. And as the site get good traffic so the site makes good money.


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  • Quickr earns money by two ways :

    1. By displaying third party ads like Google Adsense.

    2. By selling ad space for premium classified ads.

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