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  • Is there any heat issue with Yu Yuphoria like the Yu Yureka ?

    Want to know whether Micromax Yu Yuphoria has any heating issue? Read this AE post to know whether Yu Yuphoria has heating issue just like Yu Yureka.

    Micromax Yu Yureka comes with the Cyanogen OS 12 on the top of Android Kitkat 4.4. Yu Yureka has a terrible heating issue. It heated up if you played heavy games. Yu Yuphoria comes with the Cyanogen OS 12 built on the top of Android 5.0 Lollipop. So I wanted to know if there are any issue with the Yuphoria?
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  • As per the information provided by Micromax, the heating issue observed in Yureka has been taken care of. It has released a teaser video to demonstrate the same.

    The video released by Micromax shows a guy is passing laser on Yuphoria. Ceiling gets heated up in the video and the Yuphoria stays undamaged.

    It clearly indicates that the the issue has been noted by Micromax and corrective actions have been taken.

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  • No, Yu Yuphoria does not heat up at all! They have taken care of the extreme heating condition in the predecessor Yu Yureka. Snapdragon 410 is used in Yuphoria and this could hint that it would provide effortless multi-tasking without the rising the temperature of the phone. Micromax has undergone some great enhancements that prevent the phone from heating.

  • Yes, there are some heating issues with the Yu Yuphoria. This smartphone does go to 36- 37 C at the time of charging and playing graphic intensive or demanding games. But you need not to worry about such temperatures. The one thing you should keep in mind is that Snapdragon processor emit a large heat when exhausted for long periods. What I mean here is simple - as long as you play graphic intensive games for longer periods, the device will start to heat up!

    But apart from intensive gaming, you would not experience any heat issues with it. I want you to take here the example of Xiomi Mi4 which everyone reported as a hot iron bar. Now, this smartphone is priced at Rs 15,000 and it gets heated up even while attending calls. Whereas Yuphoria despite being a budget device does not show such symptoms. Moreover, for better overall functioning, I recommend you to reboot your device after every prolong gaming sessions. Moreover, there is an update something related to battery, I highly recommend you to install this update as it has several minor bug fixes.


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  • According to some reliable reviews, there is no heating problem in Micromax Yu Yuphoria Android smartphone. However, few people have noticed a very little heat up while playing heavy racing games which I think is a normal thing.

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