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  • Which is most popular power bank in India?

    Want to know which one is the best powerbank provider company in India? Also know which is the most popular power bank in India and how to choose the suitable powerbank for your smartphone.

    Currently market is full of various power banks brands. I do not know which brand to choose? What is the selection criteria for power bank purchase? Which power bank is currently used by most of the users? What are the advantages and disadvantages of power bank ?
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  • Advantages of power banks
    In fact, power banks are always safe to use. As long as the connectors and the current ratings are checked to be proper, you need not worry about anything.
    1. You can easily charge your device when you have no access to electricity.
    2. Being high powered devices, they can charge your phone faster.
    3. They can be charged via USB, so do not need to have separate chargers for them.
    There are not much disadvantages associated with power banks.
    1. They are quite expensive.
    2. Some high power power banks tend to be bulky and heavy.
    3. Using your device while being charged by power bank is quite uncomfortable because of the shorter cable length.
    Points to be noted while buying a power bank
    • Capacity - Go for a power bank based on your total requirement. It can be calculated based on the total capacity of all your devices and the number of charge cycles you may need.
    • Battery type - Power banks contain Li-Po or Li-ion batteries. Li-Po batteries are expensive, but last longer. Also take care to check battery quality. Some low cost power banks contain refurbished batteries.
    • Connectors- Smartphones draw current from 1A connectors and tablets need 2A input. Check the power bank for proper connectors.
    • Portability - We buy power banks for its portability. A power bank with higher capacity may tend to be bulky.
    • Protection - Power banks come with some safety features like Short circuit protection, Over charge protection, Over discharge protection and temperature protection. Make sure the power bank you are buying comes with these features.
    • Price - Going for exceptionally low price power banks may not be a good idea. They may contain substandard or refurbished batteries. Go for a power bank from a known although a bit expensive.

    Now coming back to your question on popular power bank in india, here is the list -

    1. Xiaomi 10400 mAh Power bank
    Available at an affordable price tag of Rs. 999, this offering for Xiaomi is water and corrosion resistant. It has over discharge and over charge protection. Also comes with fast charging option.

    2.Ambrane P1040
    A 10400 mAh power bank from a renowned Ambrane brand, this has digital display. It was S available at Rs.1500 from SnapDeal.

    3. Lenovo PA10400
    It has options to charge two devices simultaneously. Available on Flipkart at Rs. 1650, the power bank can charge itself fully in 5 hours. It also has digital display.

    Though there are many more power banks available, I have made it a point to give a list of power banks with 10400 mAh because of the most affordable Xiaomi model.

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  • Are power banks all good to use? Let's found out the advantages and disadvantages of using power banks.

    Advantages of using power bank

    1. It is very useful when you don't have any electricity at your home.
    2. It can be used when you don't have the acess to a plug.
    3. It charges you smartphone faster.
    4. It attaches to the USB port so it can easily be re-charged via a laptop or while travelling in a car.
    5. It can be attached to many smartphones.
    6. It can be easily carried when you go out.

    These were some of the advantages of using a power bank. And in my opinion there are as many disadvatages as of the advantages so their need for a proper consideration. Its all look neutral when we look into its advantages and disadvantages. So here comes the disadvantages.

    Disadvantages of using a power bank

    1. It reduces the battery life.
    2. If its attached even after the smartphone is charged completely, then it becomes the cause of shorting the battery life.
    3. For getting good quality power banks the price tag is very high in comparison with the chargers for smartphones.
    4. There are many power banks which are heavy and bulky.
    5. Portable power banks are like a battery themselves and they need to be charged like smartphones.
    6. Using your smartphone when a power bank is attached to it becomes tricky.

    These were some of the disadvantages of using a power bank. Now let's head up to guide for buying a power bank or the points to consider while buying a power bank.

    Guide for buying a power bank

    1. Buy a power bank according to your smartphone's battery size or capacity.
    2. Look for better quality.
    3. Check for the good price range.
    4. Look for a light weight one.
    5. Look for buying a power bank of a good company.

    These were some of the other points which needs to be consider before buying a power bank. Now let me guide you for the best power banks available to buy.

    1. Xiaomi 10,400 mAh power Bank
    2. Cheero 12000 mAh Battery Bank
    3. TYLT PowerPlant
    4. Ambrane P1040
    5. Lenovo PA 10400
    6. TPLINK 10400mAH Power Bank
    7. Romoss 10000mAH Power Bank
    8. Lenovo Power Bank PB410 5000mAh
    9. Portronics POR310 5200mAH Power Bank
    10. Karbonn Polymer 10 PowerBank (10000mAH)

    These were some of the best power banks available to buy for your smartphone but I would like to suggest you to buy "Xiaomi 10,400 mAh power Bank". These are all available to buy on the online mega stores.


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  • Advantages of Power Banks :
    1. With the help of a power bank, you can charge you gadget when there is no electricity in your house or area.

    2. Due to its high power, it charges the gadget more quicker than normal charging.

    3. All power bank comes with USB port, so it is possible to charge them via laptop or in a car. With a single power bank, we can charge different type of gadgets.

    4. Power bank is portable device, we can charge our devices while travelling or in offices. No, need to find sockets.

    5. With high capacity power banks, we can charge a gadget twice or thrice.

    Disadvantages of Power Banks :
    1. They are expensive. A good quality and high capacity power bank will cost you a big amount of money.

    2. Some power banks, especially the ones which are made in China are very bulky and heavy. It is very hard to carry them outside.

    3. Due the higher charging speed, it reduces the battery life of the gadget.

    4. It is almost impossible to use the gadget while it is connected to the power bank due to its tiny chords.

    5. Your device may heat up due to the access use of power bank.

    How to Choose a Good Power Bank :
    1. Don't go for cheap power banks. Some of them are just refurbished.

    2. Always buy power banks of branded companies like Xiaomi, Ambrane, Lenovo etc. even if they are little expensive.

    3. Look for light weight power banks, so that, you can carry them easily.

    4. Always prefer high capacity power banks. For example, if your device has a battery of 2000 mAh, then you should buy a power bank of atleast 5000 mAh. So that, you can charge your device twice or may be thrice.

    5. Always make sure that everything is OK like chord, socket, connectors etc. before buying a power bank.

    Best Power Banks in India :
    1. Xiaomi 16000 mAh Power Bank : It price is $24.78 at Amazon. It can charge all types of gadgets like iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones. It has 1 microUSB input and 2 outputs. Its dimensions are - 145 x 60.4 x 22 mm and weight is 350 grams.
    Link -

    2. ADATA PT100 10000 mAH Power Bank : Its price is Rs. 1,139 at It manufacturer claims that it can fully charge an iPhone five times. It has Overcharge Protection, Short Circuit Protection and Over-Voltage Protection. Its dimensions are - 14 cm x 2.2 cm x 6.3 cm and weight is 286 grams. It also has an LED torch.
    Link -

    3. MiPow Power Tube 8000mAH Power Bank : Its price is 1,109 Rupess at Amazon. Its dimensions are - 8.6 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm and weight is 231 grams. It can charge two devices simultaneously.
    Link -

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