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    Why Infolinks earnings are very low compared to AdSense earnings?

    Want to know why Infolinks earnings are low compared to AdSense earnings? Know why Infolinks earning is low as compared to AdSense.

    On 2nd of May, 2015, I have got Infolinks approval and getting earnings as low as $ 0.02 which is very low compared to $ 0.50 to $ 0.80 in AdSense. I do not know the reason. All my blogs and revenue sharing posts accomodate ads from AdSense and Infolinks but very little earnings is found in reports. What could be the reason?
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  • Google Adsense gives the best revenue comapred to any other CPC ad network in my knowledge. If you are getting low income through Infolink then check your analytics such as page views, conversion rate, CPC etc.

    The clicks on Google adsense ads may be higher than infolinks. And also the income-impression rate of infolink may be less than Google Adsense. So, whether you are getting same page-views for both ads the revenue will be different. I think Google adsense cannot be replaced with any other alternative. Google Adsense may be the best in field.

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  • Earning through website depend on Quility of traffic and Source country .There is minor differance between Adsence and Infolink .This is because policies and restriction.

  • Infolinks ads are annoying. Unlike google adsense, they get in the way of the reading experience. They also make the website look ugly with too many links on the page. The rate of the click is also low compared to any other ad network. Many bloggers have lost the readership because of infolinks.

    However, infolinks are good where you have too much written content and there is plenty of content to scroll from. In those type of websites infolinks will earn you good money.

  • Infolinks are really annoying as it makes a webpage to look different. The webpage doesn't look better. So indirectly it reduces the traffic and as the traffic reduces the number of clicks on those links decreases. A click on a AdSense ad makes good money in comparison to that of the click on Infolinks. Moreover, Advertisers mainly want to show up their ads on the web pages which have good ranks in Google search so indirectly the chances of good paying ads gets reduced in a low traffic blog. So with such number of reasons, the earnings become low of the Infolinks in comparison to that from a click on an Adsense Ad. The old pages which contain Infolinks are mostly served with irrelevant ads so it also decreases the earnings from Infolinks whereas Adsense Ads remain similar throughout a site or blog and is seen by everyone who visits the site or blog.


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  • Infolinks is a very small company as compared to Google Adsense. Adsense gets advertisement from big brands which are paying very high amount for their ads.

    In Adsense, many advertisers bid for a single keyword. Therefore, the CPC of keyword is very high in Adsense.

  • Google Adsense is best advertisement company for publishers and advertisers as well. It costs to less to the advertises whereas pay most of the CPC to the publishers. As we all know Google earns a lot more than any other company in this field. They are not greedy for money whereas Infolinks cuts more amount of money as processing fee which goes in the companies revenue. Due to this issue Infolinks earning is lower compared to Adsense. Apart from all this if done right, Adsense and Infolinks is said to be a great pair to earn good amount of money.
    Note: - Don't use Infolinks before getting approved for Adsense.

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