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    Which is the best budget refrigerator that comes with atleast 320 liters capacity?

    Check out which is the best budget refrigerator that comes with atleast 320 liters capacity. Our experts list you the best buy under Rs. 35,000.

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I want to purchase a Refrigerator capacity of 320 to 340 liter and my budget is below Rs:- 35,000/-which is the best spacious Refrigerator,I want more space in Refrigerator compartment, whats about Haier HRB-3403PSL-H Refrigerator is this a good and spacious one or is there any other best alternative in LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, or Godrej.
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  • Here are a few good options based on your requirements -

    1. LGLG-GL-338VA5
    It Is a double door 320 litre capacity refrigerator which has a freezer of 96 litre capacity. It has frost free defrosting system. Other features include door lock, nine adjustable shelves, deodoriser and humidity control. The refrigerator comes in Ruby, Hazel and silver colors. It needs no stabiliser. The refrigerator has 5 star energy rating.
    The price is approximately Rs. 21000.

    2. Haier-HRB-3403PSL
    A 320 litre double door refrigerator has 3 star rating. It is available in silver liana colors. Approximately priced at Rs. 36000, it has frost free defrost system. It employs 1 hour icing technology.

    LG has many models in the 320 litres category with minor differences in features and slight variation in pricing. Samsung too has some good models in the capacity mentioned, but are priced a bit more than your budget.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Some of the best products which are matching your demands are given below:-

    1. Samsung RT33HDRYESA:-
    It is double door refrigerator which comes with a 321 liter of capacity. It is frost free, meaning it won't drop down temperature unnecessarily. Some of its features are Recess Door Handle, Deodorizing Filter, Easy Slide Out Refrigerator Shelf. Moreover, the Freezer Compartment Stay Cold for up to 8 hrs. Now, this one also features All Around Cooling, meaning the cool breezes would be evenly spread inside it. And, most importantly the Freezer Shelf is quite Durable and is made from hard plastic which won't break up easily.
    Samsung RT33HDRYESA flaunts a Metal Graphite shade which makes it look much promising. Deodorizer and Door Alarm are some of the unique features you would get with it.

    Number of Vegetable and Fruit Drawer: 1 (Veg Box)
    Number of Shelf (Slide Out): 1
    Refrigerator Door Bins: 4
    Refrigerator Drawers: 1
    Refrigerator Shelves: 2
    Egg Tray: 1
    Freezer Shelves: 1
    Freezer Door Bins: 2

    Along with Twist Ice Maker Tray, Power Cool Function, Big Guard, Transparent Door Pocket, Humidity Control (Vegetable and Fruit Drawer) and Moist Fresh Zone (Veg Box Only). It weighs around 54.7 kg. Its net height is 1685 mm and net depth of 672 mm. It has 233 L Gross Refrigerator Capacity and 88 L of Gross Freezer Capacity. You can buy it at the price tag of Rs. 26,180 from this link:-


    2. Samsung RT33HDRZASP/TL
    It is also a double door refrigerator which comes with 321 liter capacity. It is also frost free but this one has got more positive reviews from the previous one. Some of its features are Multi flow, LED Lighting, Spill-Proof, Lock & Key, R-600a Refrigerant and Cyclopentane Insulation. It is available in Platinum Inox color.

    Vegetable & Fruit Drawers: 2
    Transparent Door Pockets: 4
    Egg Containers: 2
    Number of Shelf: 2

    The shelves are made with Toughened Glass. Samsung RT33HDRZASP/TL also comes with LED Display & Control, Recess Door Handle in its exteriors. Some of the additional features are Multi flow, Spill-Proof, LED Lighting, Lock and Key, R-600a Refrigerant and Cyclopentane Insulation. It weighs around 54.7 kg and has the dimensions - 600 x 722 x 1635 mm. It comes with a twisted ice-cube tray and requires 100-300 volts for its proper functioning. Refrigerator Shelves is made with glass. You can buy it online from SnapDeal at around Rs. 29,104 from this link:-


    3. Samsung RT49H5679SL/TL
    It is also a double door refrigerator but it has a much larger capacity of 481 liters. Its advanced cooling technology makes sure that the cooling is evenly spread all around its interior. Its net dimension (WxHxD) are 700 x 1,825 x 776 mm. It measures 700 mm in width, 1,825 in net case height with hinge. It measures 1,825 mm as Net Case Height without Hinge, 776 mm as Net Depth with Door Handle, 726 mm as Net Depth without Door Handle, 615 mm as Net Depth without Door and the Packing Dimension (WxHxD) are 744 x 1,904 x 766 mm. It has a LED Display in Display & Control (Fridge and Freezer). It has a bar door handle and an Easy to Access Dispenser. It has a Twist Ice-Maker.

    Number of shelf (slide out): 1
    Number of Door Pocket: 4
    Veg Box & Fruit Drawer: 2
    Egg Tray: 1

    Apart from this, it sports Anti Bacteria Protector Deodorizer, Toughened glass as the shelf material and Humidity Control (Drawer Only) at the Moist Fresh Zone, Power Cool Function, Interior LED Light, Multi Storage Box and Humidity Control (Vegetable&Fruit Drawer) at Moist Fresh Zone (Veg box only). Moreover the product is also shipped with a Door Alarm and Lock & Keys. You can buy this at the price tag of around Rs.32,500 and you may buy it now from this link:-


    You may get some more good products from the links given below:-



    These were few suggestions from my side.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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