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  • Which Patch version gives best performance in GTA V PC ?

    Are you facing performance issues while playing GTA V? Then you should try the correct patch to remove lag or any performance glitch. Our experts tell you the best patch for the kind of problem you are facing while playing GTA 5.

    Since the release of GTA V PC, Rockstar has released several patches to the game. Some really improved the game performance and fixed issues, while the others did nothing or hampered performance even more. Which Version gave the best performance for you?
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  • Patch Version 323.1 [Release version 4/14/15] gives better fps and performance in GTA V pc

  • I'm a big fan of playing computer games and GTA is one of the series I like to play the most. Some of the Patch version which gives the best performance in GTA V PC are mentioned below:-

    1. Patch version 350.2 [5/1/15]
    2. Patch version 350.1 [4/30/15]
    3. Patch version 335.1 [4/21/15]
    4. Version 323.1 [Release version 4/14/15]

    But as also stated above "Version 323.1 [Release version 4/14/15]" gives the best performance among all the other.

    Apart from this, you should kill unnecessary processes from task manager which can be accessed by pressing ctrl+shift+esc. Moreover, type "msconfig" in run (without the quotes) and hit enter. Now go to startup and disable all the unnecessary programs plus go to services and disable every service which do not contains "Microsoft" as manufacturer. This will surely boost the performance.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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