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  • How to copy icloud Contacts to Gmail ?

    Are you migrating from Apple iOS to Android? Then stop by and have a look at this ask expert thread that lists you the correct way of syncing your icloud contacts to Gmail.

    How can I migrate my icloud contacts from iPhone to Google contacts. This is very important because I am moving from iOS to android. Also tell me if there is a way to automatically sync iPhone contacts with Gmail.
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  • Here is how you can transfer your iPhone contacts to Google contacts -
    Note - Please make sure you have backed up your iPhone.
    1. Make sure you have iCloud set up on your phone and have been syncing the contacts. To do this,
    check Settings->iCloud->contacts.
    2. Visit and login with your iTune credentials.
    3. Go to your contacts and make sure they are well in place.
    4. Select all contact. To do this, press and hold SHIFT key, click on first contact,scroll down to the last one and clink on last contact. This will select all your contacts.
    5. Click on the Gear icon and select export vCard. Your contacts will be exported in a vCard format. Note down the name of the file and download it to a location on your PC.
    6. Now go and login with your Google credentials.
    7. Select import under "More".
    8. Click Choose File and select the vCard file downloaded in step 5.
    9. Hit save and you are done.

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  • Step 1: If your contacts are currently stored in iClouds, you'll need to transfer them to Gmail so they can be accessed on your Android device. Go to 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars', then go to Accounts. Open iCloud and make sure to toggle for 'Contacts' is on. If it isn't , turn it on and Merge your device's contacts with iCloud.

    Step 2: Open any web browser on your PC and go to Log in with your Apple ID and click Select All. Click the cog again( if the window is no longer open) and select Export vCard.

    Step 3: Open Gmail in your browser, then click the Gmail drop-down menu top left( under the google logo). Select Contacts, click More and select Import. Browse for the vCard file you saved and click Import. When it's done, click More again and select 'Find and merge duplicates' to remove any repeated contacts.

  • The steps to copy or transfer your iCloud contacts to Gmail are given below. Follow each and every step very carefully. I haven't tried it yet so please do it on your own risk.

    1. Visit to and log in with the Apple ID of yours.
    2. After when you are logged in, choose the Contacts option to show up your contacts.
    3. Now you need to export the contacts by selecting the first contact in your list. The nhold down the shift key and then select the last contact on your list. With this all the contacts on your list will be selected. Now click the gear in the left-hand corner and then select Export vCard option.
    4. When the save box option opens to you, save your file to somewhere on your PC which you can remember. I recommend the Desktop will be the best.
    5. Now just head over to the Google contacts and login.
    6. Click to more drop down and the select to Import.
    7. Now a dialog box will appear to you which will be describing you what is about to happen.
    8. You just need to select the file by clicking the Choose option which will be available to you in the box which appears to you.
    9. Now just select the backup file you saved earlier and then choose to open it.
    10. Finally, click to the import button to begin the import of your contacts.
    11. After a few seconds you will see all your contacts are successfully imported to My Contacts.

    These were the simple steps to copy or transfer the contacts from iCloud to Gmail.


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