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    What is dofollow back links? How is it related to SEO?

    Want to know what are doFollow Links? Keen on understanding the importance of DoFollow links on SEO? Keep an eye on this thread to have in-depth knowledge of DoFollow links.

    Many a time, we heard a work 'dofollow' backlinks. I do not much about dofollow back links. Please elaborate the word and give more information about it. How to use this concept to improve SEO of blog post? Please let me know the step by step procedure to implement dofollow link.
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  • "Do-follow" link is just a normal hyperlink with anchor tag. There is no step involved in creating dofollow link. Just create a normal hyperlink without nofollow tag. Here is an example;

    <a href=""> Techulator </a>

    The other type of link is "No-follow" link. It want invented by Google to fight with link spam. Here is an example of nofollow link;

    <a rel="nofollow" href=""> Techulator </a>

    Backlink (dofollow) is one of the most important ranking factor in crawl based search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! etc. However, it is the most overutilised factor by SEOs.

    Here is how it works;

    Consider, Blog A is tech blog. Blog B which is also tech blog gives a link to Blog A. After few days, Google bot crawls Blog B and indexes that link. Now Google will consider this link as a vote/signal to the Blog A. Hence, it will rank higher in SERPs.

    Points you should consider:

    1. A contextual backlink carries more weightage. For example, a link from article body is better than a backlink from comments.

    2. Only dofollow backlinks are considered as ranking factor. Nofollow links aren't.

    3. Try to get backlinks from a blog which is similar to the niche of your blog.

    4. Don't create thousands of backlinks. Consider, quality over quantity.

  • In simple words,
    The "Do follow" link will tell the search engine to crawl the link while a "no follow" link will tell the search engine to not follow/crawl the link.

    It is advised to have do follow links in your blog, which will optimize your website SEO. no follow is generally used if the link have no relation with the content of the blog, and sure it will not bring any traffic.

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  • Dofollow link
    Dofollow link was introduced by Google in 2005. Its main purpose was to reduce the search engine spam and also to improve the search engine result. It has been already defined by the members in the above response so let's head up to the further information. It helps you to achieve good page rank on Google.

    How to identify a Dofollow link?
    Its very easy to identify a Dofollow link as to identify it you are not required to have any knowledge about coding, just the simple HTML basics can help you to identify it. So to identify a Dofollow link you must check for the 'rel attribute', if its not there in the link then the link is a Dofollow link and if its there then the link is not a Dofollow link, it will be a Nofollow link.

    Benefits or advantages of using Dofollow links?
    There are many benefits of using Dofollow links and some of them are:-

    1. It improves the page rank.
    2. Dofollow links also improves a blog authority in the eyes of Google.
    3. It also attracts advertisers indirectly. As by using them your page rank will go higher which will then attracts the advertisers.

    There are many other benefits of using Dofollow links which are not described here.

    Note:- If a page contains two links referring to any but same web page then only the first link will be consider by the Google, the other one will be ignored. And probably only the first one is considered wheather it is a Dofollow link or a Nofollow link.


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  • Dofollow links tells Google bots to crawl that link whereas Nofollow link are ignored by them. Looking at increasing spam on blog. Google introduced nofollow link in comment and other places which was easily accessible by people. As we all know back-links plays important role in search engine ranking. People were spamming and creating dofollow links with the help of commenting and other places due to which fake sites were ranking on top in search engine. If you really want to get ranked then you will not only need back-links you will need dofollow links.

      Steps to identify Dofollow link

    You can download 'Nodofollow' plugin which is available for both Firefox and Chrome. It will help you identify links behavior. You will get further tutorials on using this plugin while installing it.

      Tips to get Dofollow backlinks

    Guest Posting : - You can work on high authority sites and write content relevant to your website for them. After getting permission from site administrator you can add your links in your content. It will help you to get good back-links and natural ranking.

    Never try to go for Black-Hat techniques to get back-links to your blog because it is only a short term solution. After sometime you will be penalized and un-indexed from search engine.

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