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    How to optimize URL of a blog post for search engines?

    Are you a newbie to blogging? Then you must know the correct SEO techniques to rank well your blog in search engines. This ask expert thread lists you the best way to SEO optimize your blog's URLs.

    I am blogging via blogger platform and want to know more about URL and its relation with SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization. How to optimize the URL with the correct SEO technique? What should be ideal length of an URL? What are the consequences of too short and too long URLs?
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  • Yes, URL plays one of the important role for Search result and SEO terms for either custom domain or blogspot. However, blogspot by default will either take 5 words or 35 max characters including spacing from Title of the blog post. Thus, you have to use effective keywords within this limit in order to achieve something for organic traffic.

    There are some procedure in blogspot to tune/change the already published URL from the default Title, however, it will again take time to grab the attention of search engine despite modified URL.


  • URL plays important role in Google ranking and get indexed the website in google. Too long url may affect your ranking on google and may may hurt usability and click-through rates. As a normal practise,average length for GoogleBlog is 76 characters and average length for InsideSearch is 81 characters.
    Long URL are rejected by apache server too only if The requested URL's length exceeds the capacity limit for this server.

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    SEO - Search Engine optimization plays big role in increasing traffic to your blog. First of all for good SEO you will need to choose a good keywords because further steps are based on your keywords.

    1. Choose a keywords for example take xyz
    2. Write content with at least 2.5% keyword density. You xyz must be 2.5% from overall content.
    3. Keyword must be used in Images titles and alternate texts as well.
    4. Use keywords in URL of your post. Keep URL short because Google have limit of certain characters.

    These are few basic On-Page optimization tricks for SEO.
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