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  • Is Pinterest worth to share our blog and get traffic

    Check whether to share your blog in Pinterest to get traffic. Know how to share your blog in Pinterest. Also know what are the advantages and disadvantages of Pinterest.

    There are so many social networking sites around and one of the different and well known website is Pinterest. Is Pinterest worth to share our blog and get enough traffic? What is the advantages and disadvantages of Pinterest? Is it available in Android play store? Is it important to have photo or image in our post to share it? Please explain.
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  • Pinterest is in fact one of the top 10 social media networks and can definitely be used as a powerful marketing tool For your blog or website. With an estimated ten million unique visitors per day, it can easily be used to reach a wider group of followers.
    A " pin" need not necessarily contain an image. You can pin any kind of Web content. Pinterest will present it in a visually pleasant way.
    1. It has no unnecessary gizmos and settings. It does one thing and is focused at it.
    2. It is simple and that's the reason it attracts a lot people. - even from non technical genre.
    3. It is visual. And thus very much fast "browsable". You need not read ANYTHING!
    4. It is totally equal to all. Companies and individuals share the same interface on it. A perfect democratisation, one may say.
    5. With its visual nature, Pinterest is the best deal for visual businesses like interior designers, fashion designers etc to effectively market T heir products.
    1. It may give rise to many affiliate links which will be low quality.
    2. It is prone to a lot of copycats. It's simple interface let's other sites aping it and stealing contents.
    3. Some of the pins may cause copyright issues.
    4. Privacy is is a bit of concern. It links your Facebook and Twitter accounts. It is not clear how Pinterest uses it.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of Pinterest?

    • Bigger images to make it more attractive.
    • No unnecessary settings or gizmos.
    • It is loaded very fastly.
    • It is very simple, interesting and attractive.

    • It shows pin on multiple boards at the same time.
    • Many affiliate links.
    • Some pins may also lead to cause copyright issues.

    These were some of the advantages and the disadvantages of Pinterest.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

  • Pinterest is a website that focuses on the images. So if you want to get traffic from the pinterest then you should be focusing on adding images to your site. Most of the traffic that people get from pinterest is usually from the links added to the image description. So make sure you add the link back to the site and this way you can make sure you get some traffic this way.

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