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  • Rombertik malware infection detail

    Know what is Rombertik Malware and how it affects your computer. Also know how to delete this malware.

    What is actually new named Rombertik malware? What are the issues one faces when Rombertik malware affects the system? Is there any tips or tricks to find out Rombertik malware in our system? How to detect it? Is there any issue from this one for our operating system or other software downloaded? Kindly explain.
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  • Rombertik is the latest malware that can be treated as most deadly in current times. It just destroys your computer when it is likely to be detected.

    Termed as one of the "smart" malwares, it resists detection quite aggressively, and when the detection is too likely - it sends the machine in a restarting loop. It also is said to be stealing user login data and other sensitive information.
    Here are a few details about the malware -

    How does it infect your PC?
    It follows the usual way to enter your PC, via the suspicious links in emails. It is accompanied in the phasing and spam emails. The malware is aimed at stealing login credentials and send them to a central server. Unlike other such malwares which target banking information, Rombertik collects information about all websites visited.
    How does it avoid detection?
    It uses several methods to avoid detection. One of them being it writes a single byte of some arbitrary data around 1000 million times which makes the anti malware programs into thinking it to be a regular program. Also it contains heap of garbage file which it seldom uses. Analysing such enormous data goes time consuming and the malware goes unnoticed.

    How to guard against it?
    1. Keep your anti virus database updated.
    2. Do not open attachments in malicious or unknown emails.
    3. Use email security features.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • What is Rombertik malware ?
    It is a new malware which is somehow a unique malware than many other self destructing malware because of its evasion techniques. It deletes the device's Master Boot Record and the home directories which makes the machine to restart constantly. It is a complex spyware which is designed to "indiscriminately" collect every information a user enter online.

    The Source
    It automatically gets install on your machines when you click on any malicious attachment through any phising E-mail.


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