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    How to install Edge browser in iPhone and iOS devices?

    Want to install Microsoft Edge browser in iPhone and other Apple devices? Follow this thread to learn the options to get Microsoft Edge browser in Apple devices.

    Is it possible to install Microsoft Edge browser in iPhone and iOS devices like iPad? If so, please tell me how to download it in iOS.
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  • Microsoft Edge is currently available for Windows 10 devices only. As for Windows 10 mobile devices, it will be the only browser. For other Windows 10 devices like laptops, desktops, tablets etc, it will be available along with Internet Explorer.

    Microsoft has not revealed any plans to make the browser available for other operating systems. As such, it is not available for other operating systems than Windows. It may be available in future, but Microsoft has concentrated on developing it for Windows operating system.

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  • You can't even install the Microsoft Edge browser on the iPhone and iOS devices as it is only available to use on the Windows 10 O.S.


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  • Microsoft Edge Browser comes with Windows 10 as a primary browser. Since, the Microsoft Edge Browser is not officially released you cannot download it and install. But do not loss hope the browser will be available for every platform after the success in Windows 10. But for now, it's only available in test version of Windows 10.

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