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  • Which company's trimmer is best to buy?

    Know which trimmer to buy and which is the best trimmer company. Also know how does a trimmer differs from a manual shave.

    I want to buy trimmer for shaving purpose. I do not have any experience of buying it before. Which company's trimmer are best and has better reviews? How trimmer gives better experience compared to manual shaving at home?
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  • Philips QT4011 has the best user rating for men in India.
    Pros :
    1) You can use it plugged on.
    2) It has got the best recharge time of say 1 hour whereas other trimmers need at least 8 to 10 hours to get charged fully.
    3) It also gives 90 minutes of cordless power just after 1 hour of charging.
    4) Its titanium blades are ideal for superior cutting performance and gives prolonged sharpness. The rounded blade tips combs to prevent from irritation.
    5)It comes with a 2 year worldwide guarantee, worldwide voltage compatibility, and it never needs to be oiled.
    6) There is a battery status light indicator that appears green when the trimmer gets fully charged, it blinks orange when the battery charge is lower, and blinks green while charging.
    Cons :
    1) It might seem a bit costlier than other trimmers but then you save on electricity.
    2) It is not water-proof either but you can wash the blades.
    Price that you get lowest is in Amazon. Now they are selling at Rs.1,579.00

  • As for the second part of your question on how trimmer is better than manual shaving, here are my views-
    1. It is helpful when you are in a hurry.
    2. It will give you better and comfortable shave if you shave daily.
    3. Hard to reach areas like nose, ear etc can be easily reached.

    Now coming back to your query on best trimmers, here are a few of them -
    1. Philips QT4011 Trimmer For Men -
    This is the best in class trimmer available in India.
    1. You can use it while charging.
    2. It charges in one hour.
    3. It sports titanium blades which comb before cutting.
    4. It carries detachable to enable easy cleaning.
    5. It comes with 2 years warranty.
    The trimmer is available at Rs. 1897 on Flipkart, Rs. 1549 on Amazon and Rs. 1561 on SnapDeal.

    2. Philips QT4005 Trimmer for Men
    This is the most popular trimmer across online shopping sites.
    1. It offers 45 minutes of cordless working.
    2. It carries detachable head.
    3. It is not possible to use it while charging which could be a drawback when in hurry.
    4. Recharge time is 10 hours.
    This low price trimmer is available on Flipkart at Rs. 1185, on Amazon at Rs. 1130 and on SnapDeal at Rs. 1258.

    Panasonic ER206KK Trimmer for Men
    It is one of the popular trimmers available in India.
    1. It can be used while charging.
    2. You get 50 minutes of cordless usage.
    3. It sports a floating cutting head which gives flexibility.
    4. It has a 2 years manufacturer warranty.
    5. Recharge time of the trimmer is 8 hours.
    6. Precision is 2 mm as opposed to the 0.5 mm precision offered by Philips trimmers.

    This trimmer is available on Amazon at Rs. 1383 and on SnapDeal at Rs. 1289.

    I would treat the Philips QT4011 Trimmer as the best investment for trimmer.

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  • The best companies for buying a trimmer are given below.
    • Philips
    • Panasonic
    • Wahl
    • Remington
    • Braun

    These were some of the suggestions from my side. And I would like to highlight the Philips company as the best to choose for the trimmers.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

  • I would suggest you to buy Philips only as the products are well engineered from the company.By use of trimmer you can do quick trimming of your beard with accuracy and at required length.Now a days shaver also comes with water resistance body means you can clean with water,you can shave with shaving cream also.

    So I suggest you go for Phillips brand only

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