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    New features in Microsoft Edge browser

    Are you looking for the new features in Microsoft Edge browser? Follow this thread to get updates on the latest features in Edge browser and the improvements Microsoft has introduced in web browsing.

    I don't understand why MIcrosoft introduced a new browser called "Edge". Why can't they just launch a new version of Internet Explorer? What's new in Microsoft Edge browser?

    Please tell me the new features in Microsoft Edge browser.
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  • Microsoft Edge
    Microsoft Edge is the new browser coming up from Microsoft. It will replace Internet Explorer as the default browser for Windows.
    It will be the only browser supported on Windows 10 mobile devices. However, it will be available along with Internet Explorer for other Windows 10 devices including Laptops, Tablets and desktops.

    Special Features
    Microsoft has not clearly revealed the exact nature of what will be new in the Microsoft Edge.
    • It now uses a new rendering engine called Micrsoft EDGE HTML.
    • It has been stripped off its older technology to make it more in line with modern web standards.
    • It appears quite modern with a new UI.
    • It will have Cortana integrated.
    • It features a Reading View that will help you read a website content without any ads, multiple pages or other such distractions.
    • It is integrated with Reading List on which you can save the web articles for reading later.
    • It has a unique feature named Web Notes wherein you can add annotations on the webpages.
    • It will support extensions as in Chrome or other modern browsers.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Some of the features of the new Microsoft Edge browser are given below. Go through the details given below to know more:-
    • The layout of this browser is much more attractive and interesting with the help of the new UI.
    • It features a new reading view and a new reading list.
    • It uses a new engine which is named as Micrsoft EDGE HTML.
    • It is expected to have a Cortana integrated.

    These were some of the features of the new Microsoft Edge browser.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

  • I found the attractive features of Edge browser are:
    1. Use Cortana as a Search Assistant
    2. Doodle Directly on a Web Page
    3. Get Rid of Distractions by enablind reading view mode
    4. Create a Sophisticated Reading List
    5. Go Dark or Lighten Up
    6. Sharing via Integrated Share Panel in attractive UI
    7. Pin Web Pages to the Start Menu
    8. Analyze Your Site's Performance
    9. Be Safe from Troublesome Extensions

    Enjoy Surfing with Microsoft Edge!!!

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