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    Download Microsoft Edge Browser

    Microsoft Edge Browser is a new web browser from Microsoft. Previously code named Spartan, this is a light weight, fast and feature rich browser that look like Google Chrome and Firefox. This new browser is bundled with Windows 10 but will be available with other Windows versions as well.

    I heard that Microsoft is releasing a new browser called "Microsoft Edge". Is this available for download? Where can I download it? Is it free?
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  • Microsoft Edge is the new browser launched by Microsoft. It will be replacing the current Internet Explorer altogether.
    It will be the only browser supported on Windows 10. The browser will be available for download from the store soon, but currently it will only be a part of Windows 10 technical preview.

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  • No, Microsoft Edge Browser is not available to download yet but you need not to worry for it as it is coming soon and many people are excited to download it as soon as possible. So the experts will update you when it comes for downloading.


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