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  • How to avoid over heating of smartphones?

    Want to know how to avoid over heating of smartphone? Read this post to know how to fix the issue of heating of your smartphone (Moto G).

    I am using Moto G first generation and I feel my phone gets heated some times. I experience this mostly when I play Candy Crush Saga game on it and also when charging is going on. Is there any other reason behind the heating of smartphone?
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  • Though the solution could vary as per devices, I will list out a few generic solutions -

    1. Disable unwanted apps
    Android always has had a bad impression of having a plethora of some unnecessary apps running in the background. Most of them are resource hungry and also energy intensive. Disabling them could be much helpful.

    2. Limit graphics S and processor intensive tasks
    Gaming (especially the resource hungry like temple run ) and Web browsing for prolonged period of time can have battery needing to work harder. This results in overheating. Controlling the time spent on such tasks can help reduce over heating.

    3. Use better batteries
    Using better batteries can help you reduce the load on it. Do not go for cheaper alternatives. These batteries claim to be similar to original ones, but may not give you the same backup.

    4. Take precautions while charging
    Use original chargers. Do not perform heavy activities while charging is on. Keep the place where you are charging your device well ventilated.

    A few more actions that may help you reduce overheating
    Do not use bulky or thick cases for your phone. The device has no ventilation like your desktop or laptop. Also take care not to expose the device to bright sunlight. Do not increase the brightness of your phone. Higher brightness will always put more load on the processor and battery. Instead use a glare screen which will help you get better visibility in bright light even without increasing the brightness.

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  • Heating up the back panel of the smartphones has now became a common problem. Even with the Micromax Yu Yureka it is the only and only highlighted con of the smartphone. It is also the case with many other smartphones so the suggestion to overcome this problem from my side are given below. Go through the details given below to know more.

    First let me explain why it is so:-
    It is due to the continuous use of your smartphone in online browsing, running high graphic demanding games and there are many other small causes.

    How to avoid:-
    1. You must remove or uninstall the applications which are not in use by you or your smartphone as they consume a lot of energy of smartphone in a hidden way.
    2. You must not use your smartphone continuously for long time for running any applications.
    3. You must not use your smartphone for continuous online browsing or running any high graphic demanding game.
    4. Clean up your smartphone and make it space free.
    5. Doesn't leave it for charging for long time, even it also affects to the battery life.
    6. Get a good charger and the power bank.

    These were some of the suggestion from my side to your question.


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