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  • How to check copied content on other blog or websites?

    Annoyed at your blog contents being copied by other websites? Want to know the tools that can help you find content copied from your blog/ website? Keep an eye on this thread to get an in depth response from our experts.

    I have my personal blogs and having account at ISC and TEC too. What are the tools that can find my articles which are copied to other website or blog? How does it affect my blog and its traffic? What are the resources which can help in this regard?
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  • There are two procedures to check for copied content, one is website assistant like Copyscape which is Plagiarism Checker or Duplicate Content checking source and its URL is It has free and paid services for member to check for the same. You have to sign up to use this service.

    The next one is, manual checking regularly for your blog post or wherever you post the content. Keep on checking manually in search engine for a while of after two or three days of publishing the content. Make sure to identify the original content before filing any DMCA to remove the copied content.


  • There are several websites you can rely on, to check whether your content is unique or not.

    Copyscape and plagiarisma are some of the examples. You can use either the weblink of the content or the clipboard text content to check the uniqueness. You will get the results instantly with the percentage of uniqueness.

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  • Grammarly and Copyscape have built in plagiarism checker. These tools help for the checking of grammar and tupos too. So if you find any spun content then you can definitely check it. Most of the time this tool is enough to find the problems within the page be it grammatical or with typo related. Copyscape offers some portion of the checker for free, which you can use but later you may have to use the paid checker plans. Grammarly is paid tool so you have to use it only with paid plans.

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