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  • How to find out if website or blog is compatible with multi-screen devices?

    Worried that your website is incompatible with multiple devices? Get expert help here to know how you can test if your website or blog is compatible with multiple devices.

    Today market is filled with various smart devices and all are mostly used for internet purpose. To enable viewing on various multiple devices, what should be there in our website to make it enabled to each varied device? How do I know my website or blog is compatible with multi-screen devices?
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  • You should try It emulates the site according to the screen size of the device.

    Firstly, you need to create an account on Then you have to choose a device. For example, if you choose Google Nexus, then it will show you the look of your site accordinng to the view of Google Nexus. Similarly, you can choose various devices from their collection.

  • Various methods are available to check and test your website or blog with multi-screen devices. It is really good to check this compatibility because by this check you will come to know how your page looks and works under the different resolutions.

    You do not need all the devices to check your website on different resolution. Some of the common resolution used presently are
    240 pixels, 320 pixels, 384 pixels, 480 pixels, 568 pixels, 600 pixels, 768 pixels.

    Steps to test your website or blog with multi-screen devices :

    1. Download Sizer from

    2. Install Sizer on your computer.

    Now open your website in your browser and click anywhere in the browser.

    Right-click the Sizer system tray icon.

    Now select the resolution you want.

    Now you will see your browser will automatically resized.

    Now you can see how your website or blog looks at different sizes.

  • A few other better tools to check your site for multiple screen resolutions are -

    Use this online tool to test your site for standard screen widths.

    It is one of the best tool for checking a website for different resolutions. It supports a wide range of resolutions.

    It is another tool to check responsiveness of your site on different devices. It supports most of the popular resolutions and orientations. The tool has the supprt for replicating iPad,Iphone and Android smartphones.

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  • According to me "" is the best method to know if any website or blog is compatible with multi-screen devices. There are many other online methods to check the support with multi-screen devices but as per my opinion they are not considered to be the best so you must go for the one which I stated above.


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