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    Feedback on for investment in houses and flats

    Interested in knowing about the site & its projects? Expert feedback on various details about can be checked from the responses below.

    There are many online and offline advertisement everywhere about I wish to know about this company and their services on buying or selling flats & other projects. Is it an Indian company? What is so special about this company to invest? Give some brief details.
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  • is an online portal that allows users to search for housing based on location, number of rooms and such other needs. It has around 6000 real estate agents/brokers registered with them. the portal caters to around 40 cities in India.
    Yes, it is an Indian company founded by 12 IIT, Bombay students in 2012.
    It works on following lines -
    1. It lists the properties submitted by brokers or owners on an interactive map.
    2. Search results are classified or filtered based on location.
    3. Users can search for the properties based on their needs.

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  • It is Indian company founded by 12 IIT, Bombay students in 2012. It help you to select out or get to know about the best housing location for you according to your needs. Users are allowed to search for house according to their needs, like the number of rooms they want in their house or the location they want of their house to be like near market, hospital, petrol, etc for meeting their needs.


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