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    If I use matched content feature from AdSense, will it affect the CPC, CTR and RPM

    Do you like to learn how will the Matched Content units affect your AdSense CPC, CTR and RPM? Read this to learn how using Matched Content in your blog will affect your AdSense earnings.

    I would like to try the new Matched Content feature from AdSense. How will it help my blog? Will it have any negative effect on my CPC, CTR and RPM and thus reduce or increase my AdSense earnings?
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  • This feature will really boost up your earning on AdSense because there will be more chances that users who are reading the Article may click the ads and engage more effectively on that site. So, you will always get some bucks. I only want to say a thing - "move according to AdSense and money will move according to you". It could also boost up your RPM because if ads will be related to the content then people will hit it up and you will get more impressions.

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  • Matched content feature has been introduced with the aim to promote the contents of your site to your visitors. This will help your visitors to explore more of the relevant content on your site and spend more time on your pages. This way, you will get more page views and and a good ad impression, which may try slate into a good revenue.
    Matched content is feature designed to promote content, and as such does not concentrate on revenue. Matched content feature enhances your page views, if your matched content pages have no ad units placed on them - your RPM may drop.

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  • In normal, the matched content ads in Google adsense will improve your earnings. This is because that the users/visitors of your site will see more relevant ads about the blog niche. Thus they will get interested ads and the conversion rate will be maximum.

    So, it is better to turn on the matched content feature of google adsense to earn maximum from your repeat visitors. Simply, visitors will only click the ads, which are relevant to their interests.

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