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    Location of battery saving mode in Blackberry Z3

    Is'nt there a battery saving mode in Blackberry Z3? In the Blackberry Z3 user guide, they do have a mention about it and even show me how to turn on the mode, but I can't find this mode in the settings. Was it because there is no such mode in Blackberry Z3. Some one please guide me as I really need it.
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  • As per the online documents by BlackBerry, you can set the power saving mode from the following settings-

    1. On the home screen, swipe down.

    2. Select Settings > Battery saving mode.

    Now, change the settings as per your requirements.

    a) Set power level at which you want power saving mode to turn on automatically, by sliding the toggle left or right.

    b) To set those settings which you want to be altered when power saving mode is on , by checking/unchecking respective boxes.
    The above information has been taken from the online FAQ/user guide from official BlackBerry website.

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  • Blackberry Smartphones are usually famous for their battery backup due to heavy load of apps and high ram usage. Providing attention toward this problem, Blackberry launched battery power saving mode in Z which you use by following procedure.

    1. Move to the Setting of the phone which can easily be done by swiping down the Home Screen.

    2. Slide downwards you can easily find Battery Power Saving Mode.

    If you can't find the mode then maybe you are using Older OS of Blackberry. If it so, then go for an update. Update keeps you updated with latest tweaks and always comes up with new features.

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