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  • How Google Trends works and tips to use it effectively

    Want to know the functioning of Google trends and how to use the keywords of these trends for your new post? Get useful tips & a help guide in using Google trends effectively.

    As we know Goolge Trends just shows the list of keywords for current searches happening around. How will this be useful for the writer to use them and get the traffic immediately for the new or latest post? Will Google Trends list of keywords work better for a new post? Any tips on using Google Trends and increasing traffic to our post? List the advantages of Google Trends.
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  • Google Trends can be used in a multiple ways to improve your SEO. A few such tips are here -

    1. Set Variables

    You can set four variables for searching for trending keywords. Set for
    a) Search - Web, image, news, product and YouTube.
    b) Choose specific country or worldwide.
    c) Choose a time frame for search
    d) Choose categories among various available.

    2. Keyword Search

    It will show you which keywords are better in connection with your business. Suppose you deal in automobile parts. You are confused between which keywords are better- auto parts or car parts? A search on Google trends makes your decisions easier.

    3. Geo Tagging

    Google trends will be much helpful in deciding the affinity of a keyword based on the region. A keyword popular in one may not be as popular in another. You can check which keyword sells in which area.

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