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  • How do free classified sites make money?

    Know how do free classified sites make money. Check how free classified sites generate revenue.

    I would like to know from experts how do free classified sites make money. What is their revenue mode? How do they generate revenue? Please answer.
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  • Free classified website normally has thousands of (free) pages and all these pages are platforms for advertisement. Majority of the revenue of free classified websites comes from the ads being displayed on the page.

    When someone visits the page of these free classified websites, ads displayed by different publishers (like Google AdSense, InfoLinks) are clicked or viewed by the visitors. Thus free classified website makes money.

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  • Sites like Quickr and OLX operate on Freemium model. They offer their basic services for free, if some seller wants to get more coverage - he can opt for their premium services.
    Quickr earns through advertising on website. A majority of them depend on the advertising revenue like Google AdSense.

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  • Most free classified websites earn money through advertising. Since, their page views are very high, they earn good amount of money from ad networks like Google Adsense, Chitika etc.

    Some websites also earn through paid listing.

  • As per my experience I have known that there is much contribution of the advertisement on any website for earning good and here is the same case that the free classified websites make money through the advertisements displayed on their webpages. Like if any user clicks on those ads and complete the required action then the sites are paid by Google for that. So the free classified makes money through the number of ads on their various webpages.


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  • Free classified sites make money through many ways some of them are given below:

    1.Selling the adspace in website or blog

    2.Work with e-commarce company as affiliate like amazon

    3.Apply as publisher for generating revenue like Adsense

    4.Selling the service on site like domain hosting etc

  • Advertising that stays on 1000 impressions or per month is one way to make money. Another way is to get paid placements after the free placement days are over. Some of the placements site also collect the email and phone number of the people who make posts. This way the data collection from such sites is being sold to the marketing companies who need email or mobile for their own marketing purpose. It does not make much money but it is possible to make some money.

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