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  • Difference between static websites and dynamic websites

    Want to know what are static websites and dynamic websites. Then read this AE thread to know the differences between static websites and dynamic websites.

    I would like to know the exact difference between static websites and dynamic websites. Why do developers charge different rates for developing them? Provide appropriate answers.
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  • Static Website

    1. Static websites have a fixed number of pages.
    2. They are created on simple text editors like notepad or wordpad.
    3. The theme and layout of the pages is fixed.
    4. These can load faster. .
    5. They do not use database connectivity.
    6. The static websites are more secure in nature.
    7. These can run directly inside the browser and do not need any server applications.
    8. They are easier to develop.

    Dynamic Websites

    1. These websites change dynamically while running on client's browser.
    2. They need server side programming like php, asp etc.
    3. Webpage design and content changes dynamically during run time.
    4. The site takes time to load on client browser.
    5. They need server side databases to access.
    6. These sites are less secure.
    7. Dynamic websites are not easy to develop. It needs experienced developers to develop, tese and manage it.

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  • Difference between static and dynamic website.

    Static Websites : These websites are made up of HTML, CSS and Images. The content of an static site remains same all the time. Every visitor see the same items and content on a static page. Blogs on Blogspot or on any other blogging platform are examples of static websites. Techulator is also an static website, however, it has many dynamic elements too.

    Dynamic Websites : These sites are made up of server side languages like PHP, ASP, Java etc. The most common example of a dynamic site is an ecommerce store. Facebook, twitter are all dynamic websites.

  • Go through the details given below to know the differences between Static websites and the Dynamic websites.

    Static Websites
    1. Static websites always contains the fixed number of pages.
    2. There is a fixed theme of the website and as well as the content of the webpage.
    3. It loads very quickly on a client browser, the reason behind this is that it only has some markup contents in it.
    4. It never use database connectivity.5
    5. Static websites are found to be highly secured than the dynamic websites because the static website behaves as a half duplex approach for one way communication which is the server to the client.
    6. Static website is used for providing some useful information to the readers such as organization or an institute website.
    These were some points for the Static Websites.

    Dynamic Websites
    1. Dynamic website can create its webpage dynamically.
    2. In this webpage design and the content may change on the running time.
    3. It takes some time in the comparison with the Static websites.
    4. Dynamic websites deal with the database to generate some useful contents dynamically using the database queries.
    5. These are less secure in the comparison with the Static websites.
    These were some points related to the Dynamic Websites.


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  • A static website are those which are developed once for all with a definite set of content describing about either any individual, company, institution, where the content remain almost the same unless some special events occur.

    A dynamic website is a site mainly working with database at its back end, and will have database queries working on a regular basis. It also has to have a sound content management system and its content keeps updating in high frequency.

    So it is evident, that a dynamic website would be much more costlier than the static ones, as the workload for the developer would be continuous. There can be maintenance charge in addition to the development charges unless the users of the website are able to update the content and manage the database of their own.

  • Static websites don't fetch any database data dynamically for their view. So they always keep same web elements on the page. They don't change and for that reason they are called static. You can add dynamic elements like facebook like or so on those pages but still the pages remain static because core data remains static. It does not change.

    On the dynamic website, each page that loads makes a query to the database. This way each page goes for the database and for that reason it is dynamic page. So these pages have all the elements into it as dynamic and in turn entire website becomes dynamic.

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