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  • Approximate cost of installing CCTV cameras

    Check how much it costs for installation of CCTV cameras. Know where to buy CCTV cameras online.

    I would like to know the approximate cost of installing CCTV cameras. How much do they cost? Can I purchase them online? Can I view the recordings online on my smartphone remotely? Please guide.

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  • A typical CCTV installation will require the following components-

    1. CCTV Cameras - at least 4 for a small unit.

    2. DVR - to record video.

    3. Hard disk - at least 250 GB to store videos

    4. Monitor - for viewing the videos.

    5. Adapters, connectors and cables.
    The cost of setting up depends upon the size of your establishment. Approximate costing could be -
    1. For small office/shop - Rs. 50000.
    2. For medium sized units - Rs. 70000
    3. For large units - Rs. 1 lakh.

    Please note that this is an estimated amount. The actual cost will depend on the number of cameras, the cabling required and other requirements. Packing and delivery charges may be to the tune of around Rs. 2000 extra. Installation charges may not be standard.
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  • The cost depends upon the area which you wants to cover in your CCTV cameras as the large area, medium area, small area coverage will all need different cost to set up CCTV cameras. So you must mention the area you wants to cover in your CCTV cameras in your question first so as to get valuable answers rather than the expected ones.


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  • Depending on the place where you want to install the price will vary. Most of the home based CCTV installations cost like 3000Rs. Those with small shop or big shops probably cost more. The CCTV camera also come with the storage facitlity and the prices for the same differ a lot. So you have to check out which one is good for your needs. If you check the CCTV prices then the cheapest one starts from 2500 onwards. You need a technician to install the same too. So once you sort that out the overall cost for say home based installation should not cost more than 5-6K. Larger places require more cost and equipment and wiring.

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