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  • How to check whether the page of blog post is mobile friendly or not?

    Want to know whether your website pages are mobile friendly or not? Check this thread to know how to make your website posts mobile friendly.

    Currently most of the people are using mobile or smart devices to surf the Internet. I have my own blog with domain name
    How do I know, my website or blog is mobile friendly? What is the way to know this? Is there any specific testing website or URL?
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  • There are several ways to check mobile responsiveness of a websites. Some of them are.

    Method 1
    Visit your site om different handheld devices with diffrent mobile browsers. This way, you can easily find errors in your site.

    Method 2
    1. Firstly, goto this link and login with your Gmail ID.

    2. Paste your blog/page link in the blank box and click on 'Analyze' button.

    3. Now it will show you, whether your site is mobile responsive or not.

    You can also use for this purpose.

  • The only method I know for checking this is:-

    1. Click for this link "".
    2. Then give any URL in the box.
    3. Click to "Analyze" button.
    4. Then a process will load in percentages and it will show you the description of the specific webpage for which you entered the URL in the box.
    5. It will tell you about that the webpage is mobile friendly or not.


    1. I even tested for this.
    2. I clicked to "".
    3. And without even entering any address I given the URL for this page in the box.
    4. Then I clicked on the "Analyze" button.
    5. It takes few seconds to check and load.
    6. Then I found a result that "Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly".

    So this was the suggestion from my side.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

  • Here is how you can check whether your site is mobile friendly -

    1. Visit and enter the URL of your site.
    2. Click on Analyse button.
    3. You will be informed whether your site is mobile friendly or not.

    Apart from this official method, there are a few tools available which may be of some use.

    1. W3C MobileOK checker

    Visit the link and enter the URL of your site or page. You also have the option of file upload. It conducts a series of tests and if the URL passes all the tests, your website is treated as being mobile friendly.

    2. Google PageSpeed Insights

    This tool lets you know a lot of information. It gives you screen shots of how it looks on desktop and mobile. Also it does give you the speed on the devices.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • As said above, Google has a tool called Mobile Friendly. This tool helps to show the aspects of the website which are mobile friendly or friendly towards multiple resolution. If you have found the issues in the website and wish to convert the website into the mobile friendly resolutions then you should be using web frameworks like bootstrap or foundation. Using one of these frameworks will ensure that you have a mobile friendly website.

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