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    How to check if a website or blog is eligible for AdSense Matched Content type launched by Google?

    Want to know if your website or blog is eligible for AdSense Matched Content type launched by Google? Know from our experts how to confirm eligibility of your website or blog for Google Matched content feature.

    Google Adsense has come up with its native ad network or free content recommendation tool in the form of Adsense Matched Content Type. I understand that it helps to recommend articles to readers based on what they are already reading on your site or blog. This matched content widget provides a new alternative to earn from Google Adsense. Now my query is how can I know that my blog or website can use these matched content ad types? How to test my website's Adsense Matched Content eligibility?
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  • To be eligible for matched content feature, your website should meet some requirements put forth by Google. These requirements pertain to traffic, number of unique pages and other conditions.
    To check whether your site is approved for the feature, follow these steps -

    1. Sign in to your AdSense account.

    2. Click on GEAR icon and select Settings .

    3. Under Account , click on Site Management .

    4. Look for the Matched Content column under Owned tab. Status of your eligibility will be shown either as Approved or Not Approved .

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    I cannot surely tell about the websites, but as I am managing a blogspot, your blog should be more than 6 months for applying for adSense and daily traffics.

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