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  • What is AdMob in Google Adsense

    Confused about the feature of AdMob in your Google AdSense account? Our experts will clarify the features of AdMob in Google AdSense account and how to make use of it.

    Today while checking my Adsense account I come across something new which I have never seen before. I can see Admob Tab in settings. When I open it shows as:
    "The user (my email) doesn't have an AdSense preferred account for AdMob.
    Your current AdSense account, (My Name), is not your 'Preferred' account for AdMob.

    Make this account preferred"

    Please explain what is Admob ?
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  • AdMob is a mobile ad network, launched in 2006, it was later acquired by Google in 2009.

    With Admob you can monetize your mobile apps and games. It supports Android, iOS and Windows Phone platform.

    It shows advertisement inside your apps and you earn money on every impression and click.

  • In a simple term, AdMob is mobile advertising facility provided by Google like AdSense for website. The only difference is AdMob is for application developed for mobile and smart devices. AdMob can be connected to any one of the active AdSense account under one email id. This account is called "preferred AdSense account".

    You can get more information about this topic when you access AdMob option in "Access and Authorisation" tab in AdSense account. In a nutshell, we can say that AdMob is for Mobile app developer.

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

  • If you are a mobile app developer, you can monetise your apps using AdMob. AdMob is advertisement based revenue model just like AdSense is for the websites. If you already have a AdSense account, you can associate your AdMob account with your AdSense account - provided both the accounts are under the same email address. Such AdSense account is termed as Preferred AdSense Account for the particular AdMob account.

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