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    How to improve home Wi-Fi signal

    Getting poor WiFi signal in your home? Get quick expert tips on improving the reception of WiFi signals through the proper installation of antenna and router.

    Please mention some tips to improve home Wi-Fi signal. I live in an apartment where more than 10 different Wi-Fi home networks are available. So my neighbors network is always interfering with my Wi-Fi network. Please advice me how to set antenna, which channel to choose and how to setup router.
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  • One of the simple way to improve the Wi-Fi signal is to place your Wi-Fi router in your drawing room/Hall so that all nearby room can have equal or nearer to equal signal strength. Instead, if you place router in bedroom, there are chances of poor signal issue in other bedroom too.

    As far as more Wi-Fi network interference is concerned, you cannot simply avoid that. You have to tackle with it. So, try to be nearer to router and majority of problem will be solved.

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

  • Here are a few ways to improve your home WiFi signal -

    1. Use latest technology equipment

    Use up to date hardware. Opt for the router that gives best speeds.

    2. Place the router at the optimum position

    Make it a point to place the router in the open. Avoid walls and disturbances. Placing the router at the centre of your house will give optimum speed in all the rooms.

    3. Go for proper channel

    Routers from your neighbourhood may interfere with your router. Choose a proper channel with least interference.

    4. Use password protection

    If you do not use password protection for your WiFi signals, people from around your area may steal the signals, thereby decreasing the overall speed. Use good security measures.

    5. Reboot your router frequently

    Make it a habit to reboot your router at least once in a week. If your router has the feature, enable scheduled reboot.

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  • Some of the suggestions from my side to your question are given below:-

    1. Check for the best router position.
    2. You must use the latest drivers and firmware.
    3. You must update your Wi-FI hardware.
    4. Please pick a dedicated USB adapter for better solution.
    5. One more method is to change the Wi-FI channel.
    6. You must use password protection.

    These were some suggestions from my side.


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