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  • Benefits of internet TV in future

    Wondering whether internet TV has any concrete benefits? Learn from the opinions at this Ask Expert page what all are the possible benefits of Internet TV and its future scope especially in India.

    I want to know what are the benefits of internet TV? After HBO announcement and Netflix success, there are chances that in a short time India too will have this facility. How can we save money with Internet TV? As internet is not cheap in India like USA and UK, how people will afford this ?
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  • Internet TV will be a new platform for entertainment. I think, it won't replace the traditional TV system (atleast in India) instead it will emerge as new entertainment platform. Netflix is just a service which publish the same content that are telecasted in TV. But the advantage is you can watch whenever you want (ie) movie on demand.

    In India, there are many places which don't have proper internet connectivity. Without internet connection Netflix can't be feasible. However in India we have Netflix like services - Bigflix, YouTube Movies.

    People who can afford for internet will be able to afford this service. Because there is no point in internet without any entertainment. Internet allows you to download any content but the problem is they are not organized. You don't get to know which TV series is best, where to download. Netflix has special algorithm which shows you the best TV series and allows you to watch any movies flawless.

  • As you said in short time India too will have this facility, it will happen in the same way I guess. Few years ago internet was costly and slower than now, but now things have changed for the better.
    The same way, even if we don't come into equal terms with those countries, things are bound to improve. And internet TV does have its own sets of benefits, exactly the same way, as an individual benefits while listening to his own choice of music and watch videos.
    Differences of opinion regarding TV programmes is a common scenario in every household. Once internet TV comes into the regular usage, another family issue will be solved and in my opinion it would be much more entertaining as well as cheap, as it must be coming under fixed cost and not per data usage.
    Please let me know if you think otherwise..

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