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  • How to get article wise visitor count?

    Eager to know the precise total count of visitors article wise? Let our experts guide you to find out detailed visitor count article wise.

    Where can I get article wise visitor count? I need to know visitors count for all my articles. In Statcounter, I only get count of visitors for the article that is visited in that particular date. I need to know article wise count as we see in blogger blogspot.
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  • Google Analytics can do that. It can track visitor statistics more accuratly than other services. More importantly, it is completely free. You can use your Gmail ID for using Google Analytics.

  • Google analytics has a stat option based on clicks and views per article too. It allows you to track incoming and outgoing traffic. It calculates the exit or bounce rate for the article as well. The analytics is more thorough with the data it offers for the stats. So I suggest you to switch from Statcounter to Google analytics. If you don't like Google analytics then switch to HiCounter. You'll find similar in-depth stats.

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