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    Tips to get AdSense Matched Content approval

    Are you looking for tips to enable Matched Content feature in your AdSense account? Google requires your site to have lot of unique content and high traffic to enable this new feature. Follow this thread to learn some tips to enable this new feature.

    Google introduced the new Matched Content feature but my blog is not enabled yet. My blog is well established and it meets all requirements to enable Matched Content. It has lot of unique pages and has very good traffic. What else is Google looking for?

    Please share some tips to get AdSense Matched Content activated in my AdSense account.
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  • Matched Content feature in AdSense works automatically. Google has an automated system to approve sites for Matched Content. Therefore, some of your old sites may not be eligible for this feature. By the way, you can checkout this article - Tips to get Matched Content approval in Adsense account.

  • There are no specific tips for getting Matched Content approval. Your website needs to meet certain requirements pertaining to traffic, unique page views and content. There is no exact word on the number of page views required, I would assume around 1000 page views are expected per day.
    So, it only goes to prove that you need to have good traffic to your site to get good page views. And if you really want to get better page views, the option to achieve it would be create more and more unique content. Also make it a point to keep updating your site regularly.

    Live....and Let Live!

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