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  • Which is best option to buy a car - new one or old?

    Planning to buy a small family car? Get expert opinions and suggestions on whether to buy a new or second hand car and which model to purchase.

    We are planning to buy a car for the first time. We are in dilemna to decide between new car or old one. We are three brothers and we have taken driving training in driving school too. We are of 9 member family. We first want to buy a small car.

    Please suggest, which is best one to buy a car - New or Old?
    Please give pros and cons of each selection.
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  • New car is the best car than the old car.
    The old car may be damaged or not in proper condition. If you are buying a car for first time you must buy a new car it will costs you more but also provide many comfort.
    I strongly suggest you to buy a new car.

  • As per my far knowledge I would like to suggest for purchasing a new car then buying an old one. I have never used an old car yet and I will not even think of it. I agree that it requires more money to purchase a new car than buying an old one but many time those old cars have many defects which are not known by us at the time of buying it and those defects are faced by us for long when we use the car. You must wait till the collection of your desired collection price tag but you should buy a new car than an old one. But if still recommend to buy an old car then its your choice. Buying an old cars also have some advantages over purchasing a new car which can be better explained by the link given below. Go through the link to know those advantages.


    But finally I would still recommend or suggest you to purchase a new car than buying an old one.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

  • If budget is not an issue, then it is always better to purchase a new car.
    The reasons are:
    1) You get it all brand new, and you get all the procedures done in a proper way.
    2) You get the customer support and maintenance
    3) Your insurance also runs in a proper way
    4) You have lesser chance of being fooled and cheated.

    But starting with an old car isn't a bad option either because
    1) You are not burdened with a huge amount of money
    2) To experiment on novices, it will bring down the amount of loss.
    3) You save money while you get the desired model.

    But before making a choice, you should make the security as the first criterion.

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