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  • How to make mobile friendly blogs?

    Want to know how to make your blog mobile friendly? Wondering on the new mobile friendly guidelines from Google? Our experts have tipa and tutorials on making your blog compliant.

    There is an instruction from Google that our blogs must be mobile friendly or else those blogs may not get indexed from mass searches on devices like Smartphone, Tab PC and iPad. I would like to know how to make mobile friendly blogs in Wordpress, Blogspot or custom domain. Are there any tutorials available on making mobile friendly blogs?
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  • Yes, Google is going to roll out an algorithm update on Mobile usability of a site. Now, don't think that, Google will not index non-mobile responsive sites. Google will still index them but it will not rank let them higher in searches made by handheld devices.

    How to make your site mobile responsive

    Instead of creating a mobile friendly version of your site on a different subdomain like, I recomend you to install a responsive theme on your blog. A responsive theme automatically adjusts its size according to the screen size of the device.

    For making Blogger blog mobile friendly :

    1. Firsly, you have to choose and download a mobile responsive template for you blog. Some of the free templates are :
    - Sincup Magazine Blogger Template.
    - ATB Blogger Template.
    - Velocity Magazine Blogger Template.
    - MiniMag Responsive Blogger Template.
    - Fabulous Responsive Blogger Template.

    2. Now login to your Blogger dashboard select your desired blog.

    3. Then goto Template and click on Backup/Restore button.

    4. Now backup you existing template by clicking on the "Download full template" button.

    5. Then browse and upload the mobile friendly template you have downloadd in the first step.

    6. Once uploaded, you can check the mobile responsiveness of your blog by visiting it through different devices.

    For making Wordpress blog mobile friendly :
    1. Firstly download and install Jetpack Plugin in your wordpress dashboard. Its completely free. It has many more features other than mobile theme.

    2. Once installed, click on the Jetpack and search for the mobile theme feature.

    3. Then click on activate button to turn this feature on.

    4. That's all.

  • This is the most searched topics by bloggers now a days. I can understand your query if it is blogger or Wordpress. But there is no meaning of your last option(custom domain).

    There is no need to download any template you just have to follow below step to make your blog mobile friendly on blogger.

    1. Login to your blogger Account and Click on the blog from the list you want to make Mobile friendly.

    2. Now Click on the Template.

    3. Now in templates you will see mobile version. Just click on the gear icon to customize your mobile template. See Attacment - 1

    4. Check the option that says "show mobile template on mobile devices".

    5. You have also option to choose different template for mobile version other than Desktop version.

    Click on Save - That's it now your blogger blog or website is now Mobile Friendly.

    You can follow the guidelines of Muddassir for making Wordpress mobile friendly

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