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  • AVG, Avira or Quick Heal for Android smartphone

    Want to choose best between various antivirus softwares or app like AVG, Avira or Quick Heal for Android smartphones? Know more about this matter from advice of our experts.

    There are many Antivirus available in market for Android phones. Google Play Store is full of Antivirus apps. It is confusing job for Android user to choose best. Please suggest which is better AVG, Avira or Quick Heal for Android Smartphone. You can also tell if you have any other better option.
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  • You can use either of the antivirus software or app you mentioned in your question because all the software or app give the nearer to equal usability and protection as per the research done by the following reference website each month. You can check out and choose the best deal based on price as performance given by apps you mentioned are nearly equal.

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

  • As a rule, smartphones do not need an anti virus software. That is because nothing is downloaded and/or installed to your phone unless you permit it. So, it would be sufficient to be careful about the app you are planning to install.

    However, if you really need an anti virus, I would suggest you to go for QuickHeal among the ones you have named.
    Moreover, you also have a free version available on Play Store.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • All of them are quite good but as per my opinion you should not install any of them in your smartphone but if still you wants to get the opinion on the best so I would like to go for AVG. Antivirus in smartphones slow down the working speed of the smartphone like a virus do. I would also like to highlight that please don't install Quick Heal in your smartphone because sometimes it blocks the calls and messages automatically. I was facing this problem from a long time and finally I have uninstalled it from my smartphone today.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

  • Generally, you do not need to have an antivirus in your Android Smartphones. Android come with many inbuilt security features. But if you still wants to use one in your device, then I suggests you to use QuickHeal. I use it on my Smartphone only when I have to transfer a file via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi and while downloading apps/games from websites other than Google Playstore. Otherwise I don't use it.

    Other good antiviruses other than Quickheal are - Avast, 360 Security etc.

  • There are lot of antivirus applications provided in Google Play Store. But not everything supportable and gives better results to all android phones. Only few antivirus apps giving better results in Smart phones. If u ask me I will choose 360 degree app alone for the android phones. This software not only clears all my viruses in my phone, but It boosts up my mobile. Few of my friends said that this app makes their mobile getting slow in process. But I suggest if your mobile has at least 512 MB RAM is enough for your mobile. This is better antivirus software I feel.

  • AVG antivirus is the oldest antivirus .I had ever seen.
    AVG is working from many years. It is also a trustable antivirus in the antivirus market.
    The avira and quick heal are also a trust worthy antivirus but as per my group experience the AVG antivirus is the best antivirus.
    We are using this antivirus from 4years and we did not face any problem regarding to this antivirus.
    So,I strongly suggest you AVG antivirus.

  • Well as you look onto android these days, security concerns are increasing rapidly. Malware, theft of data, snooping is so easy these days. Their are many Antivirus in the market for Android phones, you can choose anyone of them that you mentioned.

    As #Paresh Gujarati mentioned above in his reply to your post you can see this as a reference.

    Android devices probably need malware remover much more than virus remover.

    I personally use Avast Antivirus for mobile. You can also try it.

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