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  • Is there any way to get internet free of cost

    Are you looking for way to get Internet for free? Want to know service provider that provides free of cost Internet facility? Get the response about the same from our Experts.

    Everyday we use unlimited bandwidth surfing web, downloading files, sending messages, and continuous use of Social Media Networks. Is there any way to get Internet free to do all this on internet. If this is possible please let me know which service provider offers so.
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  • 1. Well, It may appear to be a silly response, but only way you can get free internet is to roam around the city on your bicycle, or any vehicle and search for some WiFi network. There may be some WiFi hotspots who might not have implemented the password.

    2. Move near a Railway station - they provide free WiFi at major stations - and access your data needs.

    I do not think it is as easy as it seems, but as of now there are no options to get free internet. Even if you get, please do not conduct financial transactions as your connection will not be secure.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • I am glad to hear this response but we live in small town. Our city railway-station is not wifi enabled. I ask is there any way by which we get free data. Like any offer from telecom companies or any trick in dongle.

  • There are several ways to use internet without any cost. Some of them are listed below.

    Wi-Fi : You have search a non-password protected Wi-Fi Hotspot in you area. Then you can surf internet for free. Some places to get free Wi-Fi are - Railways, College Campus, Hotels etc. : In this way, you have to buy a Relaince SIM card. Then you can surf more than 30 websites for free. Some of the sites are - Wikipedia, facebook, Wikihow etc. Just vist and select the site from the list.

    Airtel Zero : to use this service, you need to have an Airtel SIM card. You cannot browse any website here. Instead you can only surf those websites/apps which are enabled by Airtel.

    Net-Setter Trick : Check this article for more information - Trick to use free free internet with USB Dongal .

  • Yes there are some tricks and hacks through which a person gets free Internet for a period of time. But its very hard to find them so the best option to get free Internet is go to Malls, Railway stations, Airports and many other as they give you free Internet to use though the Wi-Fi's.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

  • If you want absolutely free internet you can get it from But you have to be a Relaince customer to use this and you have unlimited internet access over the given that 30 sites in or you may learn some hack tricks to hack neighbors wifi and access free internet through that.

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