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  • How to create poll on Twitter using Google Forms?

    Want to create and conduct quiz on Twitter using Google forms? Get the step by step procedure for this by taking advice from our tech experts.

    I want to conduct quiz and run a poll on Twitter using Forms. I want to embedded created poll in my tweet so people can participate in that poll without leaving twitter website. I know this is possible with some tricks. If you know how to do this please show guideline.
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  • Twitter don't gives us an option to create a poll in our tweets. Most of the polls conducted on twitter are hosted by PollDaddy or any other Polling service. But the downside of these services is that, users have to leave twitter, if they want to answer the poll.

    But there is still a way to embed a poll in a tweet. So that, users can take part in the poll without leaving twitter. The trick is to use Google Forms.

    Here is how :
    It is very easy. Just head over to and create a poll. Don't write anything in the 'Description' field. Also keep it short since the character limit of a tweet is very less. Once done, tweet the link of this Form/Poll on twitter. Now twitter will automatically embed this form in the tweet instead of giving a link to the original destination. That's all.

  • yes, it is possible to create poll on twitter with Google forms.
    1.there is no trick. should keep your poll really short because the twitter will only display 1or 2 question in the expended tweet(Hint:use TAB key)
    3.and also choose a theme with a smaller fronts and make the description blank so that the question is easily visible.
    I hope this given information may help you.

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