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  • What is Vodafone Red Box service?

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    I have heard a lot about Vodafone Red Box service. What exactly does this service do? Do I need to have Vodafone connection to use it or does it work with other connections as well?
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  • Vodafone has started Red Box service to transfer data of old handset to new handset. Transferring important data from the internal memory and even the SIM card made easy with Vodafone Red Box service.

    No internet is needed as you need to visit Vodafone store and inform executives there to perform data transfer.

  • You just need to go to your nearest store and the representatives will use Vodafone RED Box to transfer your contacts from your old handset to your new handset. And also if you have a Red Value Bundle, they will transfer your photos, videos and musics too.


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  • With Vodafone Red Box Service :

    1. You can transfer Contacts from your old mobile to new one by visiting nearest Vodafone Store.

    2. You can also transfer your photos, music and videos, if you have Red Value Bundle.

  • Many users all over world all getting some problems in transferring data from one device to other. Vodafone payed attention towards this issue and started a service know as Vodafone Red Box Service. You can easily take benefits of this service by just going to nearest Vodafone Care and they will transfer data from your older device. If you have Red Value Bundle then they will also assist you in transferring Media, etc. too.

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