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  • How to know how many visitors not seeing ads on your website

    Need to know data on number of visitors not looking at ads appearing on your website? Find out from our experts if there is an software or app to help you get traffic data of visitors who don't look at ads on your site.

    Many bloggers are facing a problem in earnings because of Ads. This Plugin is really killing bloggers. Is there any software or program available by which we can check that how many visitors are not seeing ads on your website? Please explain step by step about the software or app available to know about such visitors.
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  • To know this answer, you should use Statcounter website which tracks every activity of a visitor. This details can be device, demographics, stay time, return visits, recent page load activity, exit links (which include ad clicks too) and so many details.

    To get that details, you should have Statcounter free account and later add your website as project in it. Once you create a project with website name and URL, it will give you html code, which should be used in your website to start tracking the details of visits to your website.

    If you then, analyses the details, you will see which visitor has clicked and which has not from time and keyword details.

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

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