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    How Google Chrome help to remove PDF file password

    Want to get rid of password protected PDF by use of Google Chrome in built facility? Stay with this question to get the answer.

    It is very annoying when you download PDF file and see it is password protected. Most of the bank-statement, Share market contract notes, Credit card statement are password protected. I need that files again and again for use and every time I have to enter password. Is there any trick to remove password use that file with Google Chrome without password?
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  • Before proceeding to answer this query, I would like to point it out clearly that it is unsafe to remove password protection from sensitive documents like bank statements. Though you are forced to enter password again and again, it would be wiser enough than be sorry later on.
    That being said, here is how you can save your PDF file without password -

    1. Drag any password protected pdf file into your Chrome browser.

    2. You will be asked to enter the password. Just enter it and open your pdf file.

    3. From File menu, select Print . Choose destination as Save To PDF and click on Save . Your file will be saved as a pdf without password. When you open the same file next time, password protection should be gone.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Here are the steps to remove password from a PDF file with Google Chrome.

    1. Firstly, you need to open Google Chrome. Then, drag the PDF file in the Chrome's window.

    2. Now, it will ask you for the password. Type the password and press Enter button.

    3. Then, open File menu and select Print (Ctrl+P). Make sure to select destination printer as "Save as PDF". Hit save button.

    4. That's all. Now you can open PDF file without password.

  • This works in most of the pdf files. By the by where is file menu in chrome . but I right click and click "print" and save it as pdf in my computer. This works in most of the pdf downloads. but in some cases if I right click after dragging the file to chrome and entering password, "print" is not available. "save as " will not help as opening this file requires again password. That means in this particular file extra security checks are added. Your response please

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